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  1. Jewome

    In-game Cosplay

    IGN: Demi Lovato Cosplay Character: Vice Ganda in Showtime TNT Grand Finals restaurants that serve collard greens near me
  2. Jewome

    Spread the Love <3

    IGN: Nick Jonas and Aithne @warp xmas 103 269 Going back to this very place where we first met. Lutie may look gloomy and quiet but Aithne and I gave the place a very colorful story. I was a newbie back then. I had no friends to talk to whenever I’m taking a break from farming. Everyday was just farming and hunting for me during that time. A week has passed and I decided to go to a town with a few people taking chances that there is someone who wanted to be friends with a newbie like me. She was sitting there, in Lutie, with her guildmates so I didn’t bother. I noticed that she was always online during midnight so I grabbed the opportunity to talk to her when she was alone. The talks were amazing and went through every night as if we had so many things in common. She’s always the first person I tell my stories to — I called her when I finished my first BTS, I called her when I got my first LHZ Aura, I called her when I got expelled from my first guild (/sob), I even called her when I got scammed in game — and she never failed to answer. In my 10 years of RO experience, I never had something as deep as what Aithne and I have right now. If my love were snowflakes, I’d send her a blizzard. If my love were fire, I’d give her a wildfire. If my love were stones, I’d throw her a boulder. Thank you, Chia (her real name) for being my sweetest, finest, and dearest friend. I love you and I miss you everyday! PS: I'm coming for you after this pandemic, I swear.
  3. Jewome

    Ragnarok Meme!!

    IGN: Jewome 13
  4. Jewome

    Ragnarok Meme!!

    IGN: Jewome13
  5. Jewome

    Pride Month Event

    IGN: Jewome13 Candidate Title: Candidate for Ms. Gay DarkRO Rebirth Video: GOOGLE DRIVE LINK
  6. IGN: Jewome13 Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/ivnjrmpns Celebrity Look-a-Like: Darren Espanto Introduction: Ang pipiliin ko po.... Ay si Coach Sarah. Dahil Ma-SARAHp maglaro ng DarkRO. ASFAKDHFAJKDL.
  7. IGN: Jewome13IGN of Candidate: Jewome13Intro: Why would you still need a field manual if I can give you the best experience you'll ever receive? Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/ivnjrmpns Picture:
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