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  1. try the command @whosell item Example: @whosell Tidal Shoes @whosell Wool Scarf A message on your chat box will reveal the price of the items in mall and the coordinates of the merchants who sell the item you specified. Hope this helps!
  2. Entry by: Ivan Jerome Panis IGN: Nick Jonas YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHpkjasSe44&feature=youtu.be Facebook Profile Link: https://www.facebook.com/ivnjrmpns/
  3. +1 on this... i'm experiencing the same issue.
  4. use the command "@guide" then go to quests > headgears > hokage hat and it will give you the coordinates for the hokage hat quest
  5. I experience the same issue. The lag was very bad last Wednesday during WoE when I was connecting to my wifi. However, I tried connecting to my mobile data hotspot, the game became smooth. Now, I don't know if the issue is within the server or converge anymore because when I play other games, I don't experience any connection issues. My internet is performing good whenever I use speed test. Maybe the issue lies within the server AND converge.
  6. It's an npc that is spawned I think once or twice a month at the center of prontera... it can give special items by chance per draw and 1 draw is equal to 1c spent...
  7. -1 on removing token quest +1 on spawning lotti or claw more often
  8. Well, I personally hate the idea of having duals pretending to be a buyer or seller but to be fair to those who do that... it's not illegal. Why call out someone who technically does not break any rule in the game? It's their marketing strategy... We all have different marketing strategies and that's theirs. You cannot please everyone to lower their selling prices. There are a lot to consider during price checking and I'm sure the greatest factor are the pubs in Pubs in prontera.
  9. Hi! Read this post for your reference. Hope this helps.
  10. I don't think this has something to do with the administrators. In-game marketing has been the responsibility of the players in the server. Some do dual clients -- bogus buyers and sellers leaving pubs in prontera -- causing inflation of deflation of items' values. This greatly affects the real sellers' and buyers' price preferences. However, the difficulty of token really had a big impact on this, but it's been a month and I believe people have already adjusted with that. +1 on bringing back thana card in bb farming...
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    IGN: Demi Lovato Cosplay Character: Vice Ganda in Showtime TNT Grand Finals restaurants that serve collard greens near me
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    IGN: Nick Jonas and Aithne @warp xmas 103 269 Going back to this very place where we first met. Lutie may look gloomy and quiet but Aithne and I gave the place a very colorful story. I was a newbie back then. I had no friends to talk to whenever I’m taking a break from farming. Everyday was just farming and hunting for me during that time. A week has passed and I decided to go to a town with a few people taking chances that there is someone who wanted to be friends with a newbie like me. She was sitting there, in Lutie, with her guildmates so I didn’t bother. I noticed that she was always online during midnight so I grabbed the opportunity to talk to her when she was alone. The talks were amazing and went through every night as if we had so many things in common. She’s always the first person I tell my stories to — I called her when I finished my first BTS, I called her when I got my first LHZ Aura, I called her when I got expelled from my first guild (/sob), I even called her when I got scammed in game — and she never failed to answer. In my 10 years of RO experience, I never had something as deep as what Aithne and I have right now. If my love were snowflakes, I’d send her a blizzard. If my love were fire, I’d give her a wildfire. If my love were stones, I’d throw her a boulder. Thank you, Chia (her real name) for being my sweetest, finest, and dearest friend. I love you and I miss you everyday! PS: I'm coming for you after this pandemic, I swear.
  13. Sorry for the size of the photo. Just click the image to enlarge it. Thank you. Credits to jRO for the photo (https://forums.warpportal.com/index.php?/topic/194310-official-jro-alternate-sprites-updated-final-dec-19-2017/)
  14. ---------- 3rd Job and Alternative Outfits ---------- A simple guide for spending your job ticket right! Check out these 3rd Job Costumes and Alternative Costumes so you won't regret choosing the wrong one. Happy playing!
  15. I recommend blank eyes for mid sir... For additional critical damage..
  16. Pair na po yun.... .Evil wing ears quest ay nasa mall po. Parang okay naman na yung Dark Blinder.
  17. You can get them through the vote points shop. If you buy them using credits, they cost 80c-120c (2pcs) approx depending on the seller.
  18. --------------------- Stylist General Guide --------------------- Hi, guys! This guide serves as your legend for choosing the colors that you want for your characters' styles. You can now easily search for specific colors that you want instead of repetitively clicking the forward and backward button. Note that this only covers styles that are solid in colors and hair styles are not included. Hope this one helps! --------------------- Hair Color --------------------- Black/Dark Gray - 69;73;88 Red/Pink - 6;17;18;25;26;30;38;49;50;57;58;62;64;66;70;72;79;81;82;84;85;89;90;94;98;102;105;126 Gold/Yellow/Brown - 0;2;8;15;20;21;22;28;31;32;34;39;47;52;53;54;60;63;86;92;95;96;97;99;110 Blue/Purple - 1;4;10;13;16;19;27;29;33;36;42;44;45;48;51;59;61;65;68;74;77;83;91;93;100;103;109;111;113;115;117;118;119;120;121;122;125 Green - 3;11;12;14;23;35;43;46;55;67;75;76;78;80;87;101;104;114;123 Orange - 7;71;106;108 White/Light Gray - 5;9;24;37;40;41;56;107;112;116;124 --------------------- Cloth Color --------------------- Black/Dark Gray - 228;245;259;663 Red/Pink - 109;110;118;119;120;128;141;142;150;151;152;160;235;237;238;246;247;248;256;429;430;434;438;448 Gold/Yellow/Brown - 33;39;107;112;113;115;125;127;129;139;144;145;147;156;157;159;161;240;241;243;252;253;255;257;324;401;427;432;433;435;445;449;658 Blue/Purple - 101;102;105;108;111;114;123;126;133;134;137;143;146;155;158;229;230;233;239;242;251;254;303;421;422;425;431;443;446 Green - 103;104;106;116;130;135;136;138;140;148;162;231;232;234;236;244;258;423;426;428;436;450 Orange - 121;122;124;153;154;249;250;441 White/Light Gray - 100;117;131;132;149;163;323;356;420;437;451;516;547;548;644;645;665 --------------------- END ---------------------
  19. ---------- What are good sources of income for newbies? ---------- Hi, guys! It's been a while since I last made a guide here in our forums. To check on my previously created guides click the links below. https://dark-ro.com/forum/topic/3764-in-game-hokage-hat-quest/?tab=comments#comment-24664 https://dark-ro.com/forum/topic/3709-in-game-icarus-wings-quest/?tab=comments#comment-24666 Now, we're going to discuss some of the most convenient yet fast-paced income generators in-game. The sections that are posted here are based on my experience as a newbie and I wanted to share these to you. Feel free to comment below if you have suggestions and additional ideas. I. Gold Room When I was 1 week old in the server, I spent most of time farming for gold in the gold room. Based on its name, it's a room where you can farm for gold. As most of us know, gold can be sold to a tool dealer for 100,000 zeny each, but if you want to maximize your profit, you can do one of the following techniques: 1. Sell it to an NPC using a merchant with OVERCHARGE PASSIVE SKILL. // this allows the merchant to sell the gold for a higher price (see photo below for reference). 2. If you do not have a merchant, you can always try your luck to find someone at the mall buying for gold by typing the command @whobuy gold. A list of vendors will appear on your chat box and simply look for the one buying at the highest price and warp there. One thing you have to understand is that skills are banned inside the gold room. In addition to that, you cannot use the command @warp there. However, you can always use a giant fly wing to teleport. To at least have a glimpse of which jobs are the most effective to use inside the gold room, click the link below. II. Old Blue Box Some people may think of old blue boxes as generators of trash, but what they don't know about it is that these boxes can actually make you super rich in a snap. One lucky box opening can lead you to having an instant 600 million zeny or even more. With a capital of nothing (only time and effort), you'll have the chance to get a Matchstick or Skeletal Armor Piece which you can use for your BTS Quest or you can sell for a very high price. There are actually a few ways on getting OBBs. 1. Use a wizard or priest in @warp gef_dun02 and kill Nightmares for they drop OBBs. // these Nightmares also drop horseshoe so you better collect that too (for token purposes, will be discussed later) // there are also Whispers in the map so collect fabrics as well (for token purposes, will be discussed later) // if you really want to maximize your farming, you can also collect Little Evil Wings and Little Evil Horns from Deviruchis COMMANDS: @alootid +603 // @alootid +944 // @alootid +1059 // @alootid +1038 // @alootid +1039 2. Use a wizard in @warp pay_fild11 and kill Ninetails for they drop OBBs. // these Ninetails also drop Dead Branch and Nine Tails so you better collect those too // there are also Dragon Tails in the map so you can also collect Wing of Dragonfly COMMANDS: @alootid +603 // @alootid +604 // @alootid +1022 // @alootid +7064 To know more about wizards' stats and build for farming, check out the link below. III. MVP Boss Hunt This may be more difficult than the two previous sections because you will have to invest on gears for your MVP Hunter. A MVP hunter may be a sniper, an LK, a champ, an assassin, or a Sith. Based on my experience, Siths are best for MVP hunting because of their crazy skills such as force choke and force drain (not to mention force jump lmao). There are few things that you can do to hunt MVP cards and loots. 1. Bloody Branch Marathon - you can simply buy Bloody Branches in the DB Room NPC in Prontera and summon MVP Bosses. // don't forget to use bubble gums for better drop rates 2. Alpha MVP - kill Eddgas, Mayas, Moonlight Flowers, and Mistresses and loot their drops (their drops can be sold for a high price) // example are Mother's Nightmare and Young Twig 3. Theta MVP - kill Drakes, Lords of the Dead, Doppelgangers, and Osirises and loot their drops (their drops can be sold for a high price) // example are Shining Spear Blade and Saber 4. Beta MVP - kill Phreeonis, Turtle Generals, Orc Heroes, and Orc Lords and loot their drops (their drops are important and can be sold for a high price) // example are Tongue and their cards You can use the link below as reference for making a Sith if you do not have one yet. IV. Token Quests If you are looking for a hassle but very profitable quest, token quests are best for you. You will be using many accounts (depending on how many you want) for these quests because the quests can only be taken by 1 character per account for every one hour. The more accounts you have, the higher zeny you get. You really have to invest time for these quests because they will be your main source of income (if you are hardworking). There is a lot to discuss in this section so I decided to create a separate guide for this one and will be updating you about it soon. For the mean time, you can refer to the photo below for token quests locations and requirements (only those whose requirements can be bought from an NPC). ---------- END ----------
  20. Are the previously posted DarkRO Streaming Guidelines still applicable in the new server? If not, what are the new qualification and guidelines to be followed to be able to stream DarkRO? Thank you.
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