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  1. System

    5 vs 5 Event

    IGN: playing god Guild: exe
  2. I have lost some of my items after the September 4 Patch. IGN: Castrol Items lost: The ff. items are those I remembered but not limited to: • Cyclops Eye • C's Gangster Scarf • C's Wings of Victory • C's Captain's Hat • 190pcs. Dragon Breath Cocktail • 70 Steamed Desert Scorpion • Compensation +10 Stat Foods • Bubble Gum • HE Bubble Gum Hoping for a quick response to this case. Thanks
  3. System

    Guild Cap

    +1 to this Idea. With the current population of DarkRO: Rebirth it is not applicable anymore to have such a high capacity for each guild. Lowering down the guild cap would make clashes longer as an outnumbered guild won't be over killed by another guild. Increasing the guild cap back then seems like a nice idea considering the server's population stands at 6k-8k. But now, that we are 2k on a normal day and 3k-4k during WoE hours it seems like a good idea to step back a little bit.
  4. Commendable piece! Everyone should be willing to re-role for the betterment of the guild and everyone. There is no "I" in "TEAM".
  5. Try using the command @pk and it will state your current PK status. However, there are certain maps where PK is enabled no matter what such as farming maps.
  6. Team Representative: Circadian Rhythm Team Name: exe
  7. Good day Admin, GMs, and Dev Team! I am planning on creating my personal grf and I would like to ask whether customizing my grf by editing the freeze/stun/silence/curse status of an opponent into text and customizing ground effects such as land pro into text are allowed or not? Thank you.
  8. Competitiveness in the tower is what makes it great at this point. If you see the current system as a monopoly then let's all change it. Make a time for Thana/LHZ Hunting for your respective guilds. Encourage your members to participate. If you feel like you're outnumbered during PK On then that's why the admins implemented PK Off. Run to the tower with your guild. Quantity beats quality during PK Off.
  9. +1 for this too! More WoE time = More clash = MORE FUN! Also maybe we can implement SE2 castles for this type of WoE?
  10. That's great to hear. More power!
  11. commendable guide!
  12. Instead of completely eliminating SAP as a requirement for Valk Shoes, I suggest to lower it down from 20pcs to 5 pcs
  13. Hello! This basically means that your character died inside the gold room that's why when you open your account it is already outside. As of now, there is no possibility that the gold points could be retrieved as per the gold room rules.
  14. System


    commendable guide!
  15. +1 to this! Second Edition Castle provides a more complex battleground due to the barriers and guardian stones that can be summoned by the occupying guild. This shall enable guilds to create a more comprehensive strategy and approach. More WoE = More Clash = More Fun.
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