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  1. IGN: JoIIibeer and MightyBordagul Location: @warp 1@mist 314 116 I have chosen this map because even though we are apart. good friends are like stars you don't always see them but you know they are there.
  2. Not just the 5%.... BANRYU HAVE AN ATTACK OF 200... compared to the blade with 53 attack... now its buffed with another +50 Attack... OH COME ON!!!
  3. Mcdonuts

    Ragnarok Meme!!

    IGN : Mcdonuts
  4. 1. IGN: Mcdonuts 2. Full Name: Kenneth Antido 3. Facebook Link: https://web.facebook.com/heartache69 4. the battle of the dark and the light with Darth Vader on the back ground .
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