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  1. another useless update costume trash !
  2. another useless update, stupid developer no good benefits update! dunno how to fix the server, lag, fps drop, because most of the player here using 3rd program party
  3. Registration Format : Team Name :TBD Team Leader Name : Park Shin Woo Name of the Members : Park Shin Woo Panji Collieherbman Gold Room Pls Dont Kill Me GreyFus Milagring
  4. Hi to all GM, I know you want to help the newbies for the item. But for me stop giving a lot of Suprise box and Streamer Give Away everyday. you guys make them lazy, most of the player always wait for the streamer give away especially donate item? dwing? suprise box? stop spoon feed teach them how to farm not to feed. Thank you!
  5. Hi GM, Why should i encounter bot error even i didn't use? please help me to fixed this. Thank you!
  6. why you disable lokis that is strategy old dark ro rebirth right? how sad
  7. Please disable Force Jump Disable Ice Wall Disable Box of Sunlight Trap for enemy not on Guild member Body Reloc Allow is normal on woe much better to start with 2 castle only 9-10pm is good and then KOE at Morning or afternoon. Please fix Clown skill bragi is not working on other map and also the cooldown effects is only 3secs. Lest start into 10m Since most of the player dont have Gloom card yet
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