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  1. Before implementing these Event's specified ABOVE, I just want you to know that there is @pvp command in game where you will be warp inside of PVP room and Every kill u got there is equivalent to 2 Pts its either you reduce the points per kill on that map or disable the @pvp command :) Thank you!
  2. IGN: Dakasi Title: Questable Equipments / Items / Costumes *with rare attributes* Short Intro Description: More excitement, More farmer, More competetion for Old / New players. Mechanics: Pros: 1. Players will get excited for new questable items / costumes / equipments. 2. Less idle time for Old players. 3. New players will get new opportunity to make Credits. Cons: 1. Item price will be unstable. Rules: All Questable Equipment / Items / Costume will not be available on Donation Shop, so that they will spend more time farming the Mats. 1 Questable item per account/Mac, so we can limit the production of these items/costumes/equipments to avoid Hoarding, manipulating the Market price.
  3. IGN : D A K A S l Character Portraying : Kurosaki Ichigo(Half Hollow form)
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