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  1. Guild Name: Arsenal Guild Leader: A r r o w z / HitHard Guild Turf/Respawn Point: @warp ra_temple 119 150 Healer: @warp ra_temple 122 153 Kafra: @warp ra_temple 115 153 Warper: @warp ra_temple 117 153
  2. I would like to appeal a scam that happend with my Guildmates, the character named was MarkenleeMXXXX. He impersonated our guildmate, he used the big letter "i" tocopy the name, then also copied the GUILD and the guild tag, to make it look like the same markenlee that we have. He got 3 auras, electric blue aura[Mid], Gold Lhz low, and rose atomic [Mid]. Pls help us, and pls IP ban the culprit. we are trying to enjoy the game as everyone else is doing. PLS get rid of thIS TYPE of players, as this could possibly lead the other players to quit the game. https://i.ibb.co/sKV4ktt/SCAM.jpg
  3. How bout the days? Did you guys added days of WOE?
  4. how to remove this? it happened, after RO crash during battle grounds. https://imgur.com/bMc6GIz why cant i upload the photo? is there an option to directly upload it?
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