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  1. Hey there folks! Due to the amount of complaints and requests, the admins have decided to redo the WoE Duration Poll and also add it to the Poll NPC in Prontera. This time, votes both in-game and from the forums will be combined to reach a proper decision. They have also decided to add timeslot choices in the Wendesday WoE. Please cast your votes and tell all of your guildmates to do the same. Make sure you tell all of your friends and let us know what will work for you. -DarkRO Rebirth Team
  2. Hey folks! We are well aware about the requests for a change of WoE schedules to accommodate those in different timezones. Unfortunately, the decision is not that easy and it has to through a tedious process for timeslots to be considered. This poll is meant to support the SE castles which might take a bit more time to properly play compared to FE castles considering the size of the maps, the objectives required, and the learning curve for some players. Yes, SE isn't a new RO event but we know that a lot of players have just returned from a long hiatus from RO and we even see them getting lost in the FE castles which is kind of funny btw. The schedules will stay for now but we won't ignore your requests. We'll definitely keep discussing it and observe the factors involved in making an informed decision on it. -Yoda
  3. Hey there folks! In the last update, we were finally able to add Second Edition castles which was a popularly requested feature in our community. However, we were not able to reach a decision regarding the duration and left them to be tested by yourselves within the existing schedule until the next maintenance. We've decided to listen to you and start off with whatever you think would be an acceptable amount of time to fully enjoy the new SE castles. Please note that the duration will affect all castles including the First Edition ones and the schedule will remain the same for now. Cast your votes and let us know what you want! -DarkRO Rebirth Team
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