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  1. Make sure you are in the right server & have a stable internet connection Clear up your browser cache https://dark-ro.com/
  2. Hold your horses! Actually the implementation on 2hrs woe isn't permanent.. Yea yea some players are old and can't go online for straight hours. This is why we encourage players to visit our forums so they can either vote or discuss their valuable ideas. Expect some changes on the upcoming patches. Lastly keep this thread clean.
  3. Delete darkro.dat then repatch again This was made by the previous admin. https://dark-ro.com/forum/suggestion-hub/ Post your idea/suggestion here make sure to point our any pros/cons.
  4. You can check the item effect at the Donation Manager Well players wanted to have it 2hrs ( Poll says so )
  5. None. Already doing that since the previous staffs seems not to bother fixing it and favoring a certain guild Already working on it but it will take time You've made a lot of great suggestions. Other equipments/weapons will be changed/revamped soon. Thank you! For the FA this was the less damage players can get. A lot of players bought FA for a big amount of credits then a REFUND NPC came asking for a refund also. So yea this was a much better idea. Again, Thank you for your suggestions. We the staffs are looking for suggestions submitted in our forums. https://dark-ro.com/page/download/ If you have an idea / suggestions post it here https://dark-ro.com/forum/suggestion-hub/ Wrong section . Try following the guides If nothing happens post a thread https://dark-ro.com/forum/forum/60-technical-support/
  6. Everyone calm yourselves. Dev team is working on the FPS issues. (which isn't an easy task) Wait for our dev team post an update regarding with Yoda's Post. Plus if you have any more suggestions. Post it here since we are going through it 1 by 1 https://dark-ro.com/forum/suggestion-hub/
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