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  1. I see that's a relief! See you in-game!
  2. Updates on your problem? Please use English next time. delete darkro.dat then repatch
  3. Are you still experiencing this problem?
  4. There was a problem (Converge ISP) connecting to our server . (Globe,Smart,Pldt) and such has good connections to the server. Hopefully Converge ISP will fix it.
  5. There's a new section in Tech support. Closed
  6. Delete darkro.dat then repatch again. Let me know if that helps.
  7. Topic Answered. Post it on technical support next time Closed
  8. Don't double post. Post your ideas here https://dark-ro.com/forum/suggestion-hub/
  9. Woody

    cant vote

    Try it again now. Lets see if it is now fixed
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