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  1. Much appreciated! Very usefull inside!
  2. Thank you so much for answering!! Much appreciated!
  3. Seems about right! I think i got the jist of it now Shiho :) Thank you for all your help and info! Much appreciated as always!
  4. Thank you so much for all your support so far! I really, really appreciate it! Also, i noted that white lady card does gives you sanctuary XD! Now, i just need to know whether sleipnir of valk shoes with amonra or other shoes would be the best option. Also, assuming i'm not using doppel, what stats should i put? and also, if i use doppel, what stats should i go for?
  5. Thank you for clarifying things to me. I'm still in the fence regarding sleipnir vs shoes with amon ra and bumping up my int to 99. I have a +7VMANT and i find it very VERY useful, specially against sinx and jedis. If I ditched my sleipnir for some type of shoes, would this be a good decision? Assuming paladin has a one hand specialization as a passive skill, would it be better to have a +10 blade with 2 tgs and 2 hydras or a +10 pike? What should I do?
  6. Also, what would be the stats? I kinda like have 2tg and 2hydra in 1 pike, and not have doppel in any weapon for maximum performance. i'm maxing vit, divind for 10, almost maxing agi and 150dex. All buffed by healer npc. Is this correct?
  7. Hey! I appreciate your reply very much! Isn't white lady card put on the headgear? 0.0 But a lot of pallys ingame told me Sleipnir was the way to go. Much better than Footgear with AmonRa... Also, i see that you put doppel in each weapon. Why +10Blade? and what stats should i put on my pally? Thank you!
  8. Hey! Thank you for answering! I just sent you a PM XD
  9. Hello guys! Since there is no point in Sacri/Grand Cross/Shield Chain builds here's what I was thinking: (So I have this alt Paladin sitting around that I would like to deck out.) I'm looking for a pure TANK build (You know those paladins that people don't even bother attacking). I'm not looking to WOE, just casual PVP. I would assume the items would be: +0VH - Leaf Cat or Permeter or other resist/mitigation card Dark BLinker/CYC - Gemini-S58 Icarus Wings/Phoenix Wings Weapon: C.K/Grimtooth/+10 PIKE with LOD,Metalling,Stormy Knight, etc. Shield: +0Vshield(GTB), +9/+10 Naga (Thara Frog), +0Orlean's (Maya), other shield with Horn card for long range dmg reduction. +6-+10 (yeah +8, +9 or +10 vmant good luck with that) with Raydric, Other mants with Devi, and other status resist cards like Jakk, Marse, etc. +0VA (TAO), +0VA(GR) Sleipnir?? or V.Shoes with Amon Ra? (Yeah this seems to be the better option, but not sure) 2x Niles with Wickebine Tres and Errende Ebecee Card. Other accessories for Horong and Smokie Is this an OK tank exclusive build?
  10. For pure damage output reasons for Crit SINX PVP -T.HAT or Hokage Hat? -CYC or BE -Torn or Dragon Wings What should I get? Thanks!
  11. Alright you clarified a lot of thing for me! I really appreciate all your time and attention to my topic! thank you very much!!
  12. Thank you once again. I talked to a GM and he said Owl barons don't stack....So, not sure about that. Are you sure they work stacked?? GM told that only 1 would work. Also, what are the stats you are using? Should iget CYC instead of BE? Should i change my headgear? Thanks.
  13. Thank you, once again, for your insight on this matter! I truly appreciate!! Now, I don't have INCA (is it even implemented?? 0.0) Nor thana (never will have. To expensive). I guess crit is the go to all rounder then, So, a few more things. Lately, I have been using this gear: (The dmg is really good TBH, better than +10Skewer with TornWings combo) Hokage (Vanberk) Blank Eyes (Vanberk) Dragon Wings +10 Orcish Axe ( Skel Worker, TG, TG and The Paper card)) +10 Sandstorm (Free Doppel 196asp, Hydra x2 and The Paper card) +4 VM (will change for +6 soon) (Giant Whisper) 2x Nile (2x Kobold) Sleipnir VA (Tao, GR, etc etc etc) Stats (agi and bless from healer npc and awakening pot) STR 249+61, VIT 94+19 and luk 240+24. Is there anymore things I could do to bump up even more the damage? (i'm aware of elemental converters and foods) Perhaps, changing hokage for ?? BE for CYC?? cards on the nile roses? Mantis?? With this build i achieve 100 CRIT rate. What if i changed the kobold cards? Is there a problem reaching just 90 CRIT rate or even 80 Crit rate? I also noted that owl baron lex aeterna doesn't proc that much... Thank you once again!
  14. So, no ideas? What would be the best weapons and gears? (excluding thana and LHZ cards).
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