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  1. In-Game Name / Character: MaximumThrust SET: 5
  2. I think it will not be happened anymore, since we're on the new client already. Unless they rollback the old client.
  3. just hold the pressed key button from your BM/shortcut settings setup at skill bar tab and then input on the skill slot on what skill you want to use will do the spam but you still need to use your left click mouse for targetting. i hope it helps
  4. oh i didn't encounter that type of error.
  5. it's normal, just restart the game again with the same proxy server.
  6. Schritt

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    IGN: LLEN Cosplay Character: Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online picture hosting sites
  7. Schritt

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    IGN: Schritt + Sniper Power Location: @warp valkyrie 48 82 Me and my big brother really loves to play RO ever since childhood. We choose this map together as we continue our journey to other world.
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