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  1. In-Game Name / Character: Mecr SET: 4
  2. Hello GM/Admin This items is useless but you can use this items to create other new stuffs (or a requirements for a rare and good items) or please remove this in the BTS because no one can used this and no one's buying on it for higher price. please note for this. sorry for my english im trying hard. requirements: - 4 Years Anniversary Hat 4 Feather of Angel Wings 4 Sinew of Bear 50 Mother's Nightmare 100 Treasure Boxes 300,000,000 Zeny - Bunch of Carnations 4 Iron Maiden 4 Breathe Of Spirit 15 Fragment of Rossata Stone 100 Trasure Boxes 300,000,000 Zeny
  3. item quest for crystal kyber item (so everyone can hunt aside from ET) - alternative Reduce 1week duration for ET - 3-5days
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