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  1. Can you direct message me on my discord Robbie. Thank you
  2. can you send here screenshot, what error? or DM me on my discord.
  3. you can post your appeal here sir and follow the guidelines. https://dark-ro.com/forum/forum/18-banjail-appeal/
  4. Robbie

    Hacked Items

    you can post on account-issues. your thread was wrong. And Please leave your Discord ID.
  5. Appeal Granted. @Minette Please Consider this your Warning . Do do this again.
  6. admin @James will be wiped your pvp pts.
  7. wrong section , you can appeal here ~> https://dark-ro.com/forum/forum/18-banjail-appeal/ and please follow the format .
  8. Please , use correct format and thread. thank you
  9. anyone can make new one how to install darkro for mac? thank you. kindly posted there...
  10. wrong section , can you posted in account-related-issues thank you!
  11. Thank you all for joining my EVENT!
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