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  1. Today and Until Oct 3, 2020 | 11:59PM , You can Trade the [SOE]/[GM] Skulls anyone in the Event Team to Convert it into Donation Ticket... Kindly Message me inGAME or anyone in the Event Team... Thank you! [GM] Rigatoni [SOE] Robbie [SOE] Kaiiiii [SOE] Hitsuzen
  2. Please! Follow the instructions how to upload Screenshot Link : https://dark-ro.com/forum/topic/3956-tech-how-to-upload-a-screenshot/
  3. Congratulations x Lucci for winning the first 1v1 PVP Ladder Event. Thank you to everyone who participated. Shout out to EFI Gaming for streaming the event. See you all next month!
  4. Congratulations to our Meme Event winners! LordRO and m1gdaking our MOST REACT and LIKED Meme Entry and Blad1306 our GM's Choice Winner!
  5. Tomorrow, GM Xing Ke will update.. Thank you
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