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  1. Go to prontera 160 160 talk to the Dead branch room npc on the right and use dead branch there
  2. When the boss is at 10% HP Force Choke almost succeed 70% of the time.
  3. The animation of AD finishes early with 197 aspd compared to the animation of AD without 197 aspd. Too bad you can't really spam them much since we dont have a way of getting -100% acd in this server
  4. How did you confuse Force imbued blade with Elemental sword? Totally different spelling
  5. FINALLY! Finally, finally. We got the lightsaber sounds back, now I can farm in peace.
  6. Clone > drain > run rinse and repeat
  7. This is Dark RO - Mobile Gacha version. Useless but pretty headgears and many more to choose from every month. Rumba friendly pvp arenas, Server-wide announcement per kill. No need to spam pots to make the server lag, the system announcements will do it for you. Magic item storage. No more need throw away your garbage, we will do it for you. New and Exclusive BG - Flavius Camping simulator. No more lame old school break the crystal/capture the flag/ 5v5 KvM. Surprisingly a PVP server. -------------------------------------- Honestly, just looking at the 'custom' items in this server you can which job this server heavily favors on. So little variety, you can predict what's their build just by looking at the job. Live streamers excluded.
  8. lol wag kang delusional, budget LK haha. Try mo nlng sniper baka kasya pa sa budget m at atleast may silbe pg low budget
  9. Kakashi Vesper Blank Eye Vesper Claw Wing +10 Compo 3AK 1TG Wool Giant whisper Tidal Moonlight Sniping Suit dame of sentinel Nimble Niles
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