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  1. Good day everyone! I want to share with you my build for SITH in SOLOing ET and hopefully this can help! First, for ET Floor guide, here it is. (c) My build for this is focused on Survivability. Here is my EQUIPMENT BUILD: HEADGEAR: TOP: Hokage Hat + Vanberk Card MID: Blank Eyes + Vanberk Card LOW: Demon wing Notes: This is I really use in ET 🤣 so I can't suggest or recommend what's the best build for these haha. ARMOR: Naga Armor + Ghostring Card T1 Valkyrie Armor + Ghostring Card T2 Valkyrie Armor + Ghostring Card OR T2 Valkyrie Armor + Gloom Under Night Card Notes: I only use the Naga Armor + Ghostring Card when facing Ifrit and Valkyrie Rangdris to reduce their normal attack damage. I realized their Earthquake skill damage can't be recduced, they're too strong unlike in BB you can still survive 😅 But when facing normal monsters, I use VA + Gloom card SHOES: +0-+9/+10 Tidal Shoes + Moonlight Flower Card +0-+9/+10 Tidal Shoes + Amon Ra Card T1 Valkyrie Shoes + Amon Ra Card T2 Valkyrie Shoes + Amon Ra Card Notes; Use the Tidal shoes + MF Card when facing normal monsters so you can lure or run away quicker from them. But when you are stuck in a mob/strong monsters or facing an MVP, switch to Shoes + Amon Ra card so you can have LV10 Kyrie Eleison (Block damage). My best option here is Valkyries Shoes since it gives additional HP. GARMENT: +0-+9/+10 Wool Scarf + Deviling Card Notes: Deviling Card to increase resistance to monster's normal attacks ACCESORIES: Stone of Garazeb (VIT+5) + Mantis Card Stone of Kanan (STR+5) + Mantis Card T1 Nile Rose + Mantis Card T2 Nile Rose + Mantis Card Note: You can change one Garazeb/Kanan/Nile Rose card to Errende Ebecee Card to autocast LV1 Pnuema (Block Range attacks) WEAPONS & SHIELD RIGHT: +10 Red Lightsaber + Baphomet Card + Doppelganger Card LEFT: +10 Yellow Lightsaber + 2x Drake Card + 1 Turtle General Card + Doppelganger Card (switch this with SHIELD) Shield of Naga + Alice Card Aurodium Shield (from login rewards) + Alice Card Note: Some of the MVP cards are revamped and will give its maximum damage output if your weapons are refined to +10. Switch the YLS to Shield when facing MVP since Alice Card receive 40% less damage from MVP/Boss but 40% more damage from normal monsters so be mindful, after you kill the MVP, switch back to YLS. If you have Valkyrie Shield, much better. (I don't have extra VSHield for my SITH ET, I'm lazy enough to get from my other characters and do decarding wahaha!) Here is my STATS: STR: 150+xx AGI: 90+xx VIT: 255+xx INT: 113+37 = 150 (with +10INT Food) DEX: 120+30 = 150 (with +10DEX Food) LUK: 1+xx Notes: Just like I said earlier, my build is focused on survivability. You don't need to normal attack all the monsters specially MVPs. Why base Agi 90? So you can benefit from Doppelganger Card (since its revamped). 1 Doppelganger card with base Agi 90 gives you 15% damage to all sizes and it is stackable with another one. So you can get 197ASPD and +30% Damage to all sizes and your ASPD can't be slowed by Decreasi Agi. It's useless to put 2x Doppel card with no base agi. Str 150 and Int 150 gives you an acceptable damage to Force Storm. Dex 150 for no cast SKILLS: For me, dont get all the skills in 1st Job Tab specially Lightsaber Throw and Force Pull, but get all the skill in the 2nd Job Tab. Put all the Force Element in your Skills tab for easy switching of Elements My GAMEPLAY: I use STR, VIT, INT, DEX food when entering ET. Also use Proof Potions. You can bring extra Weapons/Armor just in case these one got broken. And dont forget Token of Siegfried at least 5pcs. Every time you enter a floor, recast all your buff skills. Lure as many as possible monsters in an area then use Force Storm then normal attack the strong ones but maximize your splash attack. Use Force Element to change the element of your weapon to maximize damage according to monster element. As much as possible, kill all the normal monsters first before facing the MVP, or maybe lure them away. When facing MVPs, since they are more stronger than in BB, I just spam Force Drain and Force Choke with my illusion (Force Projection) tanking the damage. If you get stuck in the middle of the mobs, use Force Persuasion then Force Jump out then reset BEWARE OF THESE MONSTERs/MVPs/FLOORs (base from my own experience and this is how I deal with them) Just be careful when facing ALL the MVPs. Floor 25: Moonlight Flower - It can use STRIP ALL 😅 Floor 50: Pharaoh & Amon Ra - For me, this is the most annoying hahaha! It can use COMA that drops your HP&SP to 1 Floor 60: Egnigem Cenia - Hard to target since it has the same appearance as the mobs haha. Floor 78: Sword Guardian - your choice to kill it with Force Storm OR normal attack but be careful, it has reflect damage Floor 79,86: Hydrolancer - It can summon annoying mobs too. Lure and maximize your normal splash attack Floor 80,88: Necromancer - has reflect normal attack Floor 83: Skeggiold - it has a chance to STRIP ARMOR Floor 85: Ifrit - this one's annoying too haha. Bait your illusion then spam FDrain and FChoke. When your illusion dies FJump out, recast buffs then go near Ifrit slowly until they target your illusion again and so on. Floor 87: Salamander - has reflect normal attack Floor 90: Valkyrie Rangdris - almost the same in how you kill Ifrit but with some monsters in the floor so clear them first. Then its your choice if you want to kill the Valkyrie mini boss first to get Valhala's Flower. Just use normal attack, Shadow element, Gloom Under Night armor. Floor 91: Bow Guardian and Cecil Damon - the knockback is annoying so bait your illusion and spam Force Storm or jump near them then use normal attack Floor 93,98: Seyren Windsor - painful and has reflect Floor 94: Bow Guardian & Sword Guardian - you must know how to deal with them haha Floor 96: All monsters - Lure and normal splash attack. Use Shadow element Floor 99: All monsters - Lure, FStorm, jump out, normal splash attack. Don't forget to change element Floor 100: Entweihen Crothen & Thorns - Kill at least 3 Thorns first to get near the MVP then spam FDrain and FChoke. I think that's all for now 😆 Like I said, this is my personal build and strategy. If you have suggestions/corrections/noticed something, feel free to comment <3 I'm willing to revised it in the benefit for all players! HAPPY FARMING! DarkRO Rebirth /no1 !!
  2. You mean Double strafe from sniper? Just dont use DS on MVPs, use normal attack with correct elements of arrow. Also, use the Hunter card set (search in google or ratemyserver.net) for better damage output. In your 4 slot bow, maybe 2 abysmal knight card, 1 the paper card, 1 strouf card
  3. Guild Name: Pindown Guild Leader: Opulent Guild Turf/Respawn Point: @warp dicastes01 260 145 Healer: @warp dicastes01 264 141 Kafra: @warp dicastes01 268 141 Warper: @warp dicastes01 264 137
  4. jap099

    PVP Areas

    We can go here "@pvp" 2pts per kill, 1char per IP allowed hehe
  5. IGN: Jappp - Creator Title: MVP Hunting Point System Short Intro: Every kill of MVP, you can get from 0 to xx Points (depending on difficulty and rarity) just like in Monster Arena, with point sharing. Mechanics: PROS: New players can join to Old players, even with basic items. When a party is using SITH, you can benefit from the skill "FORCE BE WITH YOU" and you can kill MVP faster unlike in soloing. And if you can kill MVP faster, Normal/HE BBG can be more efficient. From my personal experience, I use around 250-280 Bloody Branch in 30mins but with these, It can be more and you have a high chance in getting rare cards and more materials in a span of time. You can get higher points when you kill MVP in the wild. Bond with other players while doing these 😁 CONS: Obviously it is better be done in Public rooms because it is bigger than Private room, so other Players/Party/Guild can do raids. RULES: Just like in Monster Arena, AFK Characters are not allowed x2 points in some time Rank Players with points every month and get special rewards No Dual IP allowed PS: I know my suggestion is not yet polished and might have more PROS and CONS but I'm open for changes and criticism haha! Thank you everyone! DarkRO Rebirth /no1
  6. Also if possible, can we move the NPC "Phelix" from Alberta 190 173 to Alberta 179 173. Thank you!
  7. Guild Name: Pindown Guild Leader: Inviolable Guild Turf/Save Point: @warp mid_camp 36 136 Healer: @warp mid_camp 31 140 Kafra: @warp mid_camp 49 149
  8. Claim your freebies here @warp prontera 141 225, open and choose your stats package depends on your character. So many guide here in forums just search or you can ask people in game hehe
  9. Have you tried REPAIRING the patcher or maybe changing your proxy?
  10. Here's my IGN too! IGN: Jap SPP
  11. I think they are still fixing bg, its still having bugs and issues. I'm also excited to bring this back hehe
  12. Big help for this!! I'll try this. Can you do another for a Breaker? :) Hahaha
  13. I see people using Doppel , they said it helps for spamming Ad and Spp
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