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  1. IGN: Merchant12 Full Name: Jhuzt Tapia Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/Jhuzt.ni.Nicolle Star Wars Quote: "Always remember, your focus determines your reality." Guide: =>> Obi Wan Answers <<= Note: You just have to select the sentences with BLACK font color, those are the correct answers. 1st Answer: "For buying, selling & trading." 2nd Answer: "Submit a ticket" 3rd Answer: "Set-up Vend in the Mall" 4th Answer: "Trading friends" 5th Answer: "Enjoying the game" =>> First Job to take: <<= - GUNSLINGER (you can be at max level within 10 minutes and start farming) 1st (NOVICE Level 1) - Open the field manual 300% and kill some PORING,FABRE or LUNATIC at prontera field 1 or use the command (@warp prt_fild01) 2nd (GUNSLINGER) STATS: Str 100 (for carrying items) Agi 165 or atleast 197 aspd Vit 100 Int 100 Dex 255 LUK 1 - Go back to prontera or use the command (@go 0) & talk to "Job Master" NPC then select "GUNSLINGER" job. - Open Level 1 training box and select Revolver then go to mall and buy 10 Silver Bullets - After changing job, go to PAYON DUNGEON 00(@warp pay_dun00). Kill atleast 1 ZOMBIE,POPORING or SKELETON that is enough for you to unlock "DESPERADO" skill. - After unlocking "DESPERADO" go to @warp gl_knt01 and hunt for 1 "RAYDRIC ARCHER CARD(chance to obtain Box of Resentment)" - Then proceed to PRONTERA MAZE 03(@warp prt_maze03) and start killing "BAPHOMET JR." using DESPERADO skill NOTE: Loot the YGGDRASIL BERRY(use @alootid +607) EVIL HORN(use@alootid +923) BOX OF RESENTMENT(@alootid +12030) all drop by BAPHOMET JR. Stay on this map until you reached the MAX LEVEL(255). TIP: This is the best map for you to reach the max level and at the same time you are farming. =>> Newbie Farming (Fancy Set) <<= EQUIPS: FANCY SET & FREE REVOLVER from the training box will do. - Stay at PRONTERA MAZE 03 and FARM YGGDRASIL BERRY until you reach 10,000 pcs of YGG BERRY you will also have 10,000 pcs of EVIL HORN and some BOX OF RESENTMENT at the same time. - Go to mall then box the YGG BERRY via BOX trader near Equipment dealer. - Go to prontera and sell your 1,000 pcs of YGG BERRY box 1.2B to 1.5B and your 10,000 pcs evil horn for 1.2B - 1.5B and your BOX OF RESENMENT for 120K - 150K each. This will took 3-5 hours depends on how many are farming during that day. =>> Mid-Tier Farming (With Decent Farmed Equipment) <<= EQUIPS: Sound HeadProtector Gargoyle Wings Dark Blinker +10 Garrison(2 Turtle General Card 1 Drake card) Fancy Set(Still prefer using the fancy set because of the combo effect) 2 pcs Vesper Core 04 - After earning from YGG Berry farming you should have atleast 2.5B to 3B. You can now buy +10 Garrison / Turtle General Cards / Drake Card / Gargoyle wings , Sound Headprotector & BUBBLE GUM(look for cheap vendors on mall) & DEAD BRANCH with your remaining zeny. - Go to DB Room at Prontera and start summoning using Dead Branch and farm the following items: > Break the Seal Materials (Check it on Prontera middle and talk to Guardian of Prontera) > Dragon Wing Cards (Eclipse Card, Wandering Wolf Card, Toad Card and Mutant Dragonoid Card) TIP 1: Create a Merchant using different account and sell your LOOTS via vending on mall and use @autotrade when you are done setting up then repeat the process. You are selling while you are farming. TIP 2: Use the command @whosell "name of the item" for you to adopt with the pricing of each and every materials you have. This will took atleast 2-4 hrs for you to consume 10,000 pcs of Dead Branch. =>> Computation: Road to Valkyrie Armor Tier 1 (18B) + Valkyrie Shield w/GTB (16B) <== Usually you can gain 5B - 10B or more per 10,000 Dead Branches with all the materials you can obtain here. Also, depends on your luck on summoning. If you are lucky enough and you always summon Toad,Eclipse,Wandering Wolf & Mutant dragonoid and obtained their cards you can buy VA & Vshield with GTB within 2-4 Days. Again, it all depends on how you grind and how many hours you will exert on the game. If you are a hardworking person then you can achieve the VA and Vshield within 2 days. Overall: 48 - 96 hours
  2. IGN: Nyxiee Coordinate: nyd_dun02 91 137 Round: 15
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