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When signing up for a new account with DarkRO: Rebirth,
you agree to our Rules and Regulations and you have read our Privacy Policy, including our Terms of Agreement.


In any case, DarkRO: Rebirth reserve the right to change any rule without prior notice.
Strict enforcement of our regulations is absolute and found offenders will be punished at our discretion.



  • Account Registration
    • Only one forum account per person is allowed for registration.
    • Avoid sharing your account information to anyone. The DarkRO: Rebirth Staff will never ask for your login credentials.
    • Multiple registrations of newly created forum accounts will be banned and you risk your main forum account being terminated as well.
  • Display Name
    • Display names must not be made up of a URL or offensive words.
    • Display names must not be a form of advertisement for other servers.
    • Display name length is between 3 to 15 characters with no restrictions.
  • Profile Photo
    • Profile photos must not contain prohibited contents.
    • Profile photos can have a maximum file size of 4.88 MB.
    • Profile photo file types that are accepted: gif, jpeg, jpe, jpg, png.
  • Signature
    • Do not use extremely large text, referral or affiliate links and must not contain any form of profanity.
    • Signatures can contain a maximum of 5 lines of text or a maximum of 3 lines of text if you're also using an image.
    • Accepted file types: gif, jpeg, jpe, jpg, png, with a limit of two images with combined maximum dimensions of 500x100.
  • Impersonation
    • The impersonation of other forum users and the DarkRO: Rebirth Staff within the Community Boards is not allowed.
    • Intentionally imitating another forum user or Staff's display name and/or profile photo for inauspicious purposes will not be tolerated
  • Punishment Evasion
    • It is expected from the DarkRO: Rebirth Community to know the server's Rules and Regulations and being ignorant about it will never be a valid justification in any situation that may arise.
    • Do not try to rule out the possibility of a forum mute or ban by creating new accounts. Anticipating an escape clause in the rules and using that as a reason to avoid fair moderation will not be allowed.



  • No Prohibited Content
    • It is anything which can be considered inappropriate to be shown on this forum. These includes that which is related to pornography/sexually-oriented, illicit affairs that can be incriminating, offensive or explicit to the general public, malicious and obtrusive of one's privacy through profile pictures, signatures, media and links shared.
  • No Abusive Demeanor
    • These are actions such as flaming, bullying, trolling, instigating, personal attacks, spreading of rumors, harassment and racism, religious and ethnic slurs, sexism, threatening, and unlawful, harmful, defamatory, vulgar, hateful under other conditions known as objectionable language.
  • No Profanity
    • Cussing is considered profanity. Posts containing swearing/offensive, derogatory, obscene or otherwise distasteful language will be edited or removed without prior notice and will incur a warning point for your forum account.
  • No Real Money Trading (RMT)
    • Real Money Trading (RMT) for any in-game item is frowned upon and is strictly forbidden. Attempting to make money or advertising your personal business using the server Community Boards will not be tolerated. You are only allowed to trade content like artworks for in-game items.
  • Respect the DarkRO: Rebirth Staff
    • If you encounter a problem with any unjust action from a Staff member, reporting them to the Administration Team is the most acceptable way of dealing with the issue without any bias decision. Any post or topic to stir unnecessary drama against a Staff member and gain sympathy from the Community will be removed on sight.
  • No unsolicited PMs to DarkRO: Rebirth Community Member
    • At any rate should you private message any member of the community for the reasons of advertising, marketing or promoting any form of solicitation, peddling or requesting goods and/or services, we reserve the right to terminate your account if proven guilty. Our purpose here is to specifically prevent unwanted messages to circulate.



  • No typing in all CAPS.
  • No spamming or unnecessary advertising.
  • Use descriptive and appropriate titles in creating new topics.
  • Bumping of topics more than once within 24 hours is prohibited.
  • Avoid double postings or duplicate threads. Make it a habit to use the search button.
  • Avoid Necroposting: posting in a thread that has been relatively inactive for a long period of time.
  • Make sure to post in the correct forum section. DarkRO: Rebirth Staff and Moderators will move your thread if necessary.
  • Make it a habit to use our Search Bar before posting any topic to find out if your issue has already been dealt with in the past.
  • Use our Support Ticket System if you need to report violations or appeal to certain issues but do not abuse it to draw attention to your topic.


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