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Xing Ke

[EVENT] - REBELS : PVP Ladder Tournament

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Monthly PVP Warper Ranking Event

In order to make PVP even more competitive and exciting, we will be hosting a monthly 1v1 event.

Here is the fun part:

⦁    There will be two conferences: Kills and Streaks Conference.

  • NOTE: ONLY KILLS AND STREAKS IN THE PVP ROOM WILL BE COUNTED. The PVP ROOM has a kill protection feature (e.g., kill five (5 ) in a row of the same player  will result in deduction of pvp points, and you will get kicked out of the map.)

⦁    Within each conference, the top eight players will qualify for the monthly playoff 1v1 event. 
⦁    For example, the Top 8 players in the ‘Kills’ ranking will be able qualify, and the Top 8 players for the longest streak will be able to qualify on the other conference. 
⦁    In an event when a player is part of the Top 8 in both conferences, this player will only be qualify in one conference ONLY. Hence, the Top 9 player from other conference will become eligible to participate in the other conference.

  • NOTE: Qualified player will have to use their own character listed in the ranking. Job change is NOT allowed. For example, if the character listed in the ranking is a Novice, you will have to use that specific Novice character during the event.

⦁    Refer to the 1v1 PVP Warper Event Bracket below:




The mechanics are as follows:


  • All matches prior to the 1v1 PVP Warper Championship Round will be Best-of-Three.
  • The 1v1 PVP Warper Championship Round (i.e., Kills Champion vs Streak Champion) will be Best-of-Five.
  • No outside buffs allowed before the match. GM team will verify this prior to the start of the match (e.g., kill/resurrect both contestants)
  • These items/cards will be DISABLED during the event:

Bunch of Carnation


Nile Rose


Traveller Hat

Kakashi Protector

Cyclop’s Eye

Dragon Wings

Flame Aura

Sword barrier

Valkyrie Set

Swordbreaker / Mailbreaker

LHZ Cards

Gloom Under Knight Card

Fallen Bishop Card

Thanatos Card

Amon Ra Card

Darth Maul Mask

Darth Vader Mask

Jedi’s Hood

Sith’s Hood

Stormtrooper Helm


The last day for PvP count seeding will be on August 14, 2020 12:00am (GMT+8),

and the big 1v1 PVP Warper event will be held on August 15, 2020 12:00pm (GMT+8)


We are hoping to have a fun and competitive 1v1 PVP Ladder Tournament! Get your game on!

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