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In-game Cosplay Event Winners

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Dark RO: Rebirth

In-game Cosplay Event Winners

Good day our dearest players! For those who are asking for the mechanics of our Cosplay Events. Here's how we pick our winners.
Admin James, Event Team, and 2 Members of Support and Order Team who vote on their own choice of entry which is the winners.


How will they vote? They will just click the Like button on their chosen entry, that you can check on your own to see their equivalent scores.


Point System:

[GM] James = 12pts.
[GM] Rigatoni  = 10pts. 
[SOE] Hitsuzen = 9pts.
[SOE] Robbiee = 8pts.
[SOE] Kai = 7pts.
[SO] Cymenet = 6pts.
[SO] Scarlet = 5pts.


Top Vote:

NetZen II: 39pts.
NatsuMiles: 32pts.
AaronRuleS: 31pts.

Rest assured that we Staff and Management is doing our best for everyone's enjoyment. Please stand by for more exciting events. And we thank you for all your supports to DarkRO: Rebirth.

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