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Winners - In-game Cosplay Event: Halloween Edition

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In-game Cosplay Event: Halloween Edition Winners

Good day citizens of Midgard!


These are the winners of In-game Cosplay Event: Halloween Edition


Prizes are the following:

1st Prize: 80x Donation Ticket
2nd Prize: 40x Donation Ticket
3rd Prize: 20x Donation Ticket




1st Place: Southshaker

2nd Place: S u m i s u

3rd Place: Sith and Jedi


Point System:


GM Vote = 5pts ea.

Staff = 3pts ea.



(Not on the list means 0pt.)


Lil S e x B a l l s =  17pts
Chills Icemountain = 5pts.
Stalker ni Mang Tomas = 11pts.
The Pompeii Masturbator = 19pts.
SouthShaker = 44pts.
Sith and Jedi = 27pts.
BossJohnnyGaming01 = 22pts.
Zommorodnegar = 11pts.
D A K A S l = 3pts.
S u m i s u = 31pts.
Anidaw = 8pts.
Tagapagmana = 5pts.
ninja yeye = 5pts.
Parzival Morow = 5pts.
Demacia = 5pts.
Zaxiar = 5pts.





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