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November 13, 2020 - C-3PO's Maintenance Notes

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Attention citizens of the republic!


The scheduled maintenance was a success and the server's start sequence was completed without any issues. DarkRO Rebirth is now running at a self-sustained state and you should be able to perform your normal routines immediately after patching your client.





  • Restored normal permanent mapflags in nif_fild01.
  • Moved the @guide images to the center of the screen.
  • Improved Ifrit Card description to prevent confusion.
  • Removed some headgears from WoE Shop, KoE Shop and PvP Shop.
  • Added new headgears
    • PvP Shop
      • Lude Mask
      • Happy Poop Hat
      • Silk Hat of Earth
      • Queen Anne's Revenge
      • Flower Pot Mask
    • WoE Shop
      • Emoticon Pif
      • Campus Festival
      • Lupus Hair
      • White Tomboy Fairy Ears
      • White Rogue Cape
    • KoE Shop
      • Emoticon Slur
      • Protect Feathers
      • Hunting Cap of Gust
      • Panda Hoody
      • King Poring Hat




  • Fixed WoE Points where it would keep giving points on every portal.
  • Fixed Dragon Wings Upgrade dialogue.
  • Fixed Halter Lead bug where it would become permanent after expiration and disallows you from performing certain actions.
  • Fixed Geo Dragon Wing's lacking 5 LUK stat.
  • Fixed the comma in @whosell prices.
  • Removed the +1 stat from Kirin Wings.
  • Fixed Halloween Hat Name
  • Fixed the Kamen Rider Helm script.
  • Renamed one of the Hallow Masks to Hallow Mask 2.0.
  • Fixed Hallow Mask script.
  • Added back slots to Hollow Mask, Hollow Mask 2.0 and Kamen Rider Helm.
  • Fixed Icarus Spear description where it displayed the wrong weight value.




  • Added Watto in Morocc that offers event prizes. Items not yet available, NPC hidden temporarily.




  • Fixed pvp announcement and @listenpk function.




  • Updated all files in Downloads Page last November 3, 2020.


It is strongly recommended that you update your DarkRO Rebirth Client often to avoid any errors and inconveniences in-game. Please download the latest client on our Website's Downloads Page.

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