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December 1, 2020 - C-3PO's Maintenance Notes

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Attention citizens of the republic!


The scheduled maintenance was a success and the server's start sequence was completed without any issues. DarkRO Rebirth is now running at a self-sustained state and you should be able to perform your normal routines immediately after patching your client.





  • Guild Hall Update
    • Removed all existing Guild Turfs
    • All existing Guild Halls will be reset.
    • Added New Pricing Packages. (Please check Cradossk before finalizing your registration)
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: The Leader Password is an additional security measure when interacting with Jah Zapar (Guest Access NPC). Only your Guild Master should know this.
    • Future Update: Special WoE Warper, Training Dummy, Guest Access
  • Removed graymap.grf
  • Added proper labels to Star Wars Box items.
  • Pets re-enabled in Towns
  • Dark & Light Thunderstroke are now automatically Costumes.
  • Disabled @warp when in the Training Grounds map.




  • Fixed Force-Imbued Blade where it gives gives extra INT. ATK also fixed.
  • Fixed Kamen Rider Helm Slot
  • Fixed Kamen Rider Helm Script
  • Fixed Hollow Mask 2.0 Slot
  • Fixed DB and BB restriction in several maps.
  • Fixed level requirement in Training Grounds (@go 15)
  • Fixed Talisman Descriptions.
  • Fixed Assassin Cross Card multiplier script error.
  • Removed item restrictions from guild_vs maps.
  • Fixed Zed's Staff error from the THQ.
  • Fixed Izlude Town non-walkable cells.




  • Daily Login Rewards System
    • @loginrewards - Checks your claim status.
    • @loginrewards claim - Claims your Daily Login Reward.
    • Restricted to 1 per MAC.
  • Equipment Option System - Adds a separate stat bonus to your equipment.
    • The Armorer is located in Einbech. Use @guide to find her.
    • Upper HG - HP and SP Bonuses
    • Armor - Stat Bonuses
    • Shield - Race Bonuses
    • Garment - Property Bonuses
    • Footgear - Damage Bonuses
    • Requires a special Equipment Option Scroll obtainable from Monster Arena, Mining, Mine Guardian, Events, etc.
  • Mining System - 2 Week Promo/Beta Release! - Still being polished.
    Mine for Ores that can be used for different quests and excited rewards!
    • A complete guide will be posted soon. For now, the Mining NPCs around the stone locations can explain the mechanics.
    • Entrance Quest is waived for the first 2 weeks but requires 20 Credits per warp.
    • How to get there - Find Karam Pucci in Alberta. Use @guide to find him.
    • Other Restrictions
      • Uses 1 Old Pick (7318) per attempt.
      • Must be 255/100
      • Must wear Safety Helm (5009) or Mine Hat (5031)
      • Must wear Safety Boots (2413) - Dropped by RSX 0806
      • Must wear 2pcs Safety Rings (2615)
      • Can only use the Rock Ridge Fly Wing.
      • PK  is Off.
    • Miner Rank & Stones
      • Lv. 0: Candidate (Thorilide)
      • Lv. 1: Rookie (Agrocite)
      • Lv. 2: Apprentice (Beskar)
      • Lv. 3: Worker (Kallistan Gem)
      • Lv. 4: Pitman (Firkrann Crystal)
      • Lv. 5: Expert (Eraladium)
      • Lv. 6: Craftsman (Mirkanite)
      • Lv. 7: Master (Sun Crystal + Corusca Gem)
  • New Headgear Rotation
    • Exclusive Donation
      • Red Force Aura (L&M)
      • Cyan Force Aura (L&M)
    • Exclusive Donation Bonus
      • Amidamaru Spirit (M)
      • Blade of Dragon (M)
      • Ruby Thunderstroke(L)
      • Mystic Thunderstroke(L)
      • Naruto Hairband
    • Donation Bonus
      • Flying Galapago
      • Magical Feather
      • Glasses Without Lens
      • Goldfish Sun Hat
      • Blue Eremes Scarf
      • Smoking Pipe
    • Activity Shop
      • Anemos Mask
      • Foxtail in Mouth
      • Monochrome Cap
      • Sakura Hairband
      • Long Wolf Ears
    • Vote Shop
      • Misty Ears
      • Black Devil Mask
      • Leopard Ear Hat
      • Cherry Twig in Mouth
      • Yellow Ribbon Hairband




  • Removed Agit Lords Script
  • Added back previous WoE Rank NPC in Prontera
  • Reduced Guardian Stone HP from 60m to 45m
  • Reduced Barricade HP from 40m to 30m
  • Battlegrounds Re-Release on BETA - Observation will continue in the Live Server.



It is strongly recommended that you update your DarkRO Rebirth Client often to avoid any errors and inconveniences in-game. Please download the latest client on our Website's Downloads Page.

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On 12/1/2020 at 7:58 AM, Yoda said:


  • A complete guide will be posted soon. For now, the Mining NPCs around the stone locations can explain the mechanics.


You should be able to see the guide on the Latest Posts once it is posted

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No full guides yet. We've only been able to release a quick guide for the Equipment Option System for now. Mining and Guild Hall will be posted soon. Sorry for the delay, just a bit swamped with tasks.


But for Mining, the basic mechanics is explained in the NPC. I'm working to improve that also.

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