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December 23, 2020 - C-3PO's Maintenance Notes

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Attention citizens of the republic!


The scheduled maintenance was a success and the server's start sequence was completed without any issues. DarkRO Rebirth is now running at a self-sustained state and you should be able to perform your normal routines immediately after patching your client.





  • Gepard Update
  • Removed a number of headgears from shops
  • Updated the descriptions of Ores from Mining
  • Updated the Mining Guardian monster names
  • Updated the Mining Guardian kill broadcast
  • Allowed the Recruit Siege Supply Box to stack
  • Allowed the Diary Magic Powder to be sold to NPCs.
  • Updated the Equipment Option Scroll descriptions.
  • Updated Rose Sheen Aura description
  • Added delay to the @loginrewards command to avoid unnecessary server load.
  • Added a warning to the Costume NPC to avoid wrong item conversions.
  • Added a weight restriction on the Daily Login Rewards to avoid accidental item loss.
  • Rebalanced Force-Imbued Blade
  • Updated Equipment Option NPC Name to The Armorer
  • Updated The Armorer dialogue
  • Fixed Cradossk (Guild Hall Registration) Dialogue




  • Fixed the Atomic Energy Combo effect descriptions.
  • Fixed Vending time limit. Now set to unlimited.
  • Fixed the Guild Announcement where it would not save.
  • Fixed the Evolved Whisper Mask item moves.
  • Fixed the WoE SE Treasure Box Issue.




  • Changed Prontera Theme - Christmas
  • Guild Hall Updates
    • Guest Access (Level 4) is now working
    • Punching Bags
  • Added New Items
    • KoE Shop
      • Diablo Helm
      • Cat Ears Cape
      • Khalitzburg Helm
      • Dokkebi Mask 
      • Whistle
    • WoE Shop
      • Thanatos Despero Mask
      • Husky Hat
      • UFO Poring Hat
      • Mochiring Hat
      • Shaving Foam
    • PvP Shop
      • Mask of Ifrit
      • Tongue Charm
      • Scuba Mask
      • Thunderstorm Cloud
      • Little Feather Hat
    • Activity Shop
      • Republic Hat
      • Poster Girl Hat
      • Dolor Thanatos Drooping
      • YinYang Earrings
      • Sugared Fruit Stick
    • Vote Shop
      • Crown of Strawberry Prince
      • Thorny Hairband
      • Chain of Commandments
      • Dragonfly Monocle
      • Scissorhand Model
    • Donation Bonus
      • Gram Peony
      • Cat Ears Hat
      • Crow Tengu
      • Snownow Hat
      • Baby Penguin
      • Chilly Breath
      • Snowman Hat
    • Exclusive Bonus
      • Akatsuki Hat
      • Christmas Box
      • Light Thunderstroke
      • Dark Thunderstroke
  • Added New Valkyrie Helm Variants
    • Sanngrior's Valkyrie Helm (Red)
    • Kara's Valkyrie Helm (Black)
    • Herja's Valkyrie Helm (Venom)
    • Geiravor's Valkyrie Helm (Geo)
    • Eir's Valkyrie Helm (Mystic)
  • Added New VH Variant Quest. (Somewhere in Sky Garden)





  • Password Reset on the website is now fixed.


It is strongly recommended that you update your DarkRO Rebirth Client often to avoid any errors and inconveniences in-game. Please download the latest client on our Website's Downloads Page.

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There are still bugs at guildhall. When my friend tried to warp he got DCed and was stuck there.
Also, there are still errors at Prontera.

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Im very sorry, im new here. May i ask the location of this shops or npc. Most of them i havent seen.

Edited by pdn02

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still no update regarding the mines exchange?


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my niece security password not fixed :(


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On 12/23/2020 at 7:25 AM, Yoda said:

VH Variant Quest

where? y don giv coordinat?? 



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2 hours ago, rajaayu said:

where? y don giv coordinat?? 



ra_temsky 60 95

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