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New Year Countdown

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DarkRO Rebirth: New Year Countdown


Join us in greeting the New Year and welcoming the year of the Metal Ox! In line with the approaching Holiday, we will have a countdown event from December 23 to December 31 where we will give our faithful Dark RO players rewards each day. To receive the Countdown daily rewards, you will have to visit at prt_church 99 121 within the dates specified earlier.


The NPC will be available between 8pm - 8am Server Time (GMT +8). To continuously get the rewards, each player should visit the Countdown NPC daily without missing one single day (also you cannot skip days). Missing a day would result in disqualification from the whole event as you will not be able to receive future daily rewards and the Final Grand Prize at the end of the Countdown.


There are no items required to get the rewards, but we would like to remind everyone to please ensure that there is space in your inventory for at least 10 new items. Items can be redeemed per MAC only and are account-bound (NON-TRADEABLE).This is a separate event from the daily rewards you have been receiving recently.


The GMs will not provide information on the daily contents. Daily rewards will be a surprise.


Thank you again for supporting Dark RO Rebirth! Happy Holidays!

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