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[FORUM EVENT] New Player Guide Event

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Greetings Dark RO Rebirth Players!


We want to give the best experience to our new players and those that are just starting their Journey in our server. From Obi Wan interview until their first WOE experience, we would like to ask from you, the veteran players, what is the fastest way to get complete WOE equipment or meet the minimum guild requirements. The top 3 guides will be posted in the home page of the dark-ro.com website and will receive prizes. You never know you might just meet the chosen one who will bring balance back to the Force.



  • Submit your guide below, reply to this topic.

  • Make a written guide from Obi-wan Interview, to leveling, to buying the basic farming equipment, to mid-tier farming techniques and to getting the minimum requirements to join WOE.

  • Under the comments section of this forum post you need to reply, you need to have a well written guide that is understandable (English only).

  • Use computations in terms of how many Credits a player can profit per hour. The guide needs to be time-bound so new players know how much time they need to grind.

  • You can showcase any form of farming technique: Refining, Buy and Sell, DB/BB, ET, MA etc.

  • Please submit your guides between Jan 18 to Feb 1.

  • GMs will judge the guides from from Feb 2 to Feb 9.

  • We will be announcing the winners on Feb 13.


Criterias for Winning

  • GM Team will judge the guides and show the computation for the winners

    • 25% Flow of the Guide

    • 25% Easy to Learn

    • 25% Fun and Engaging

    • 25% Speed to get basic WOE Equipment (VA Tier 1 and Vshield Tier 1+GTB)


Format for Submission

Needs to contain the following details

  • IGN

  • Full Name

  • Facebook Link

  • Star Wars Quote

  • Guide

    • Obi Wan Answers

    • First Job to take

    • Leveling and Stats

    • Newbie Farming (Fancy Set)

    • Mid-Tier Farming (With Decent Farmed Equipment)

    • Computation: Road to Valkyrie Armor Tier 1 (18B) + Valkyrie Shield w/GTB (16B)

      • Must show how many hours needed



1st Prize: 300 Black Credits + Custom Cap (https://dark-ro.com/forum/topic/4693-the-cap-forge-create-your-custom-cap/?tab=comments#comment-26678)


2nd Prize: 200 Black Credits


3rd Prize: 100B Black Credits


Consolation based on GM evaluation: 5x Black Credits


“The Force Is Strong With This One” - Darth Vader


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  • IGN = SF Semper Fidelis

  • Full Name= Eddie Dindo Romero

  • Facebook Link = https://www.facebook.com/apostolo.trese/

  • Star Wars Quote =No ! Try not! Do or Do not, there is no try

  • Guide  

  • Hey Everyone, here's the guide for all the new and old players:


    1. First Obi Wan answer:


    Choose the highlighted , that's the correct answer.


    2. First job take for new player:


    Go for archer/sniper for fast and easy farming even without any item.


    3. Leveling:


    Lvl 1 (Use manual field) go prt_fild08, then change job for archer, then user training box lvl1. Just choose bow and buy arrow and make sure to only pick one of each type of arrow. Remember that we have infinite number of arrows here.


    Go to Mall when you're done purchasing and level up here: pay_dun00 until you reach job 50. That's when you change job to Hunter then warp again to pay_dun01-03 until lvl80, gl_prison 80-100, gl_cas02 100-140, abbey01-03 140-255 lvl.




    Note: Don't forget to use the training box if you reach lvl100 and lvl200. DO NOT change job to Sniper until you've reached lvl255. Only change to Sniper when you reached this lvl.


    After this, go back to abbey01-03 until you've reach your max job


    Stats: Dex 255, Agi = 197 ASPD with Buffs, look for the rest to level up.


    4: Farming:


    Once you are done with the leveling guide, next is Farming. Use this set even with lvl 200 free box, this is very useful as well as the Fancy Suit. Use Arrow of Counter Evil or Holy Arrow.


    Go to Gold Room to start farming until you reach 3b-5b for the mean time. Always bring Giant Flywing since this weigh less and it's cheaper.



    5. Mid-Tier Farming:


    Since you're done with Gold Room and have earned creds, this is the only item that you need to purchase: Kage and Demon Wing.


    Choose between Sinx or Sith, Sinx I'm using the same for my Deadbranch, this is important mostly when you don't have a macro mouse and keyboard. Sith is for MVP Hunt or the one we call Bloody Branch or Endless Tower.


    For leveling this up, you just have to follow the leveling guide. ^__^



    Build for Sinx for Deadbranch:




    Do 20k per Deadbranch and then 20k again and another 20k. 1hr-1:15hrs you can get 3-7b income.


    You need to use He Bubble Gum for a bigger chance of getting a card.


    Kage [vanberk card] - Head Gear

    Dark Blinker [Orc Hero] - Mid Head Gear

    Demon Wing - Low Head Gear

    Fancy Suit - Armor


    +10 Sandstorm Right (2tg, 2 drake card) left (1 bapho, 1 dopel, 1tgm 1skel) = Weapon

    +0 Wool Scar (giant/raydric card) = Garment

    +0 Tidal Shoes (green ferus/boss egnigem or fire lock if +9-10 shoes) = Shoes (combo ith Woolscarf +10% HP)

    Ring 2 pcs (choose any card) = Access


    Card list for Access:

    Raydric Archer = box of resentment

    Gargoyle Card = box of thunder

    Mimic Card = old blue box

    Cloud Hermit Card = box of gloom


    Stats: STR = divisible by 10, example: 250+50

    Dex = 160 overall, example 130+30

    Vit = the rest



    For Sith BB and ET build:

    Let's go for bloody branch and stats first:


    Note: Use Bubble Gum for cards.

    Kage [vanberk card] - Head Gear

    Dark Blinker/blank eyes [vanberk card] - Mid Head Gear

    Demon Wing - Low Head Gear

    Fancy suit/Naga Armor with RSX = Armor

    +10 Red Lightsaber (2 abysmall knight card) (right) = Weapon

    +10 Yellow Lightsaber (2 Turtle general, 1 paper card, 1 dopel card) left = weapon

    +0 Wool Scarf (giant whisper card/raydric card) = Garment

    +0 Tidal Shoes (moonlight/ or fire lock if +9-10 shoes) = Shoes (combo with woolscarf +10% HP)

    Ring 2 pcs = access (2 kobold card/owl baron + owl duke/ 2mantis card)

    Stats for Bloody branch:

  •            str = divisible by 10 example 250+50

               Dex =150 overall example 130+20 no cast without agi bless

               Luk = 150 base attribute example 150+20

               Vit = the rest

  • Build, stats and guide for ET:


    If you want to go for ET (Endless Tower), it is important for you to bring a Token of Siegfried, which can be exchanged to Activity Points @warp prt_in 128 30 (activity points exchange 150 ap/1 token Siegfried box / 1box =10 pcs token). Second, you need a party. You might need to send DMs or talk to other players in Dark RO on Prontera, there's a bunch that you can invite, you just have to ask nicely.


    Once you're done with @wapr Alberta 213 73, talk to Captain Janssen. If it's your first time, you need to pay 20c(200m) to get entry approval. Once you're inside. you will see a tower and then click to talk to generate. From here, you'll pay another 50c(500m) to generate. And there you go; you'll gain entry to SOLO ET as what we call it. All the loots here are yours only. There's a boss on every 5 floors, so you need to switch items and bring out your tactics.


    You have to use Force Protection and make it as your Tank Projection while you do force drain + choke. When your projection dies, press it quickly and walk away so it targets the projection and not you. Do this every time you encounter the boss.


    Build and stats:


    Kage [vanberk card] - Head Gear

    Dark Blinker/blank eyes [vanberk card] - Mid Head Gear

    Demon wing – Low Head Gear

    Fancy suit = Armor, if broken, naga armor switch with rsx card

    +10 Red Lightsaber (1 baphomet, 1 abysmal knight) left = Weapon

    +10 Yellow Lightsaber (2 Turtle general, 1 paper card, 1 dopel card) right = Weapon

    Stone buckler (Alice card) = Shield

    Note: Use this shield per 5 floor or per boss to lessen the dmg


    +0 Wool Scarf (giant whisper card/raydric card) = Garment

    +0 tidal shoes (moonlight) = shoes (combo with wool scarf +10% HP)

    Ring 2 pcs = access (2 kobold card/owl baron + owl duke/ 2mantis card)

    Note: ET (endless tower) cooldown is every 4 days so you can go every 4 days.





  • Stats for Endless Tower

  •            str = divisible by 10 example 250+50

               Dex =150 overall example 130+20 no cast without agi bless

               Luk = 100 base attribute example 150+20

               Vit = the rest

  •           Int=150 overall exampale 120+30

    If you want to finish until F101, that's okay but others tend to do until F75 to save time. You will get 20 kyber there... price of kyber is 6.5b-7.5b per set, so you'll get 13b every run. This is the reason why you need to Endless Tower every 4 days.


    Note: If you want to know the items that you need to loot in Deadbranch, Blood Branch and ET, I highly recommend you to ask Streamers. They know and have the list for these.


    Lastly for Mid-Tier is Farming.


    All you need is your character 255/100 and the needed items.


    Don't forget to bring 20c for entrance fee, pots and token of Sieg because there's a chance of dying.


    First, @warp to Alberta 245 115 and talk to Karam Pucci. Then pick or choose (Yes, I wanted to try my luck as a miner)


    What you'll get for mining:


    Stones or Ores. What's this for? This is being used for Colored VH.


    What you need is Eraldium Mirkanite and Sun.


    What you need to enter:


    1. Safety helmet (drop by skeleton worker or martin)

    2. Safety boots (drop by rsx)

    3. 2 pcs safety ring (drop by maya)

    4. 20credits

    5. A lot of old pick (you can’t hunt at ein_dun01 pitman mobs)



    Mining rank:

    Lvl 0 = candidate

    Lvl 1 = rookie

    Lvl 2 = apprentice

    Lvl 3 =worker

    Lvl 4 = pitman

    Lvl 5= expert (eraldium)

    Lvl 6 = craftsman (mirkanite)

    Lvl 7 = master (Sun crystal)


    Cooldown : every 24hr


    Once you’ve purchased Kage+Demon wing, follow all of these first especially et so in one day, you can get 13-14b credits to buy more equipment or item

    Once you have followed this guide in 10 days, Va not the only item that you can buy. It will always be depending on your effort in deadbranch, mining, bloody branch and endless tower . Go to Bloody Branch and Endless Tower. Your 5B from Gold Room when you started can be used as a set just follow the guide and exert an effort in 10 days.


                                                  Good luck everyone! I hope I was able to help in some way especially for newbies.!!!!!

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21 hours ago, Alby said:
IGN: Alby
Full Name: Alby Leyva
Star Wars Quote: “Stay on target.” – Gold Five

Obi-Wan Answers:
Talk to Obi-Wan Kenobi and take the test.

1st Question:
We have broadcasters in major towns. How do people use them?
Answer: For buying, selling & trading

2nd Question:
What are you going to do if you get scammed, hacked, or cheated by someone?
Answer: Submit a Ticket

3rd Question:
Which thing is the right to do?
Answer: Set-up Vend in the Mall

4th Question:
What is allowed during War of Emperium?
Answer: Trading friends

5th Question:
What is your purpose in DarkRO?
Answer: Enjoying the game

First Job to take:

- Can kill any monsters including MVP monsters fast with Double Strafe or Normal Attack;
- Can kill low-mid HP monsters with AOE skill (e.g. Arrow Shower or Sharp Shooting);
- Has a very quick after cast delay of Double Stafe;
- Can easily switch weapon element using arrows;
- Can farm gold points in the gold room.
- Farming monster drops are not as fast as High Wizards who can kill low-mid HP monsters instantly using large AOE Skills however, I am recommending starting with a sniper in this guide.

Leveling and Stats:
Time-bound: Following this leveling guide will only take you 14-18 minutes to reach level 255 (can be faster depending on how fast you can read and follow the guide).
Level 1 - 50:
Use the Level 1 training box and choose a bow. Once done, equip the trainee set.

Starting Stats:
Dex = 20

Map: @warp pay_dun00
Monster: Kill any monster

Once you reached the level recommended, go back to Prontera (@go 0) and change your job to Archer.

Level 51 - 90:
Equip your Payon Training bow, go to the mall (@go mall) and find the tool dealer; this is where you'll buy ammunition and awakening potions.

Buy 10 pcs Holy Arrow
Buy 10 pcs Arrow of Shadow
Buy 10 pcs Awakening Potion

Starting Stats:
Dex = 50
Agi = 50+

Use the field manual 300% in your inventory.

Map: @warp pay_dun02
Monster: Kill any monster
Skills: Normal Attack or Double Strafe
Arrow: Holy Arrow

Once you reached the level recommended, go back to Prontera (@go 0) and change the job to Hunter.

Level 91 - 110:
Starting Stats:
Dex = 60
Agi = 110+

Map: @warp gl_prison
Monster: Kill Zombie Prisoner and Injustice
Skills: Double Strafe and Improve Concentration
Arrow: Holy Arrow

Once you reached level 100, use the level 100 training box and choose the bow; equip Nomadic Set and Recurved Bow.

Level 111 - 200:
Starting Stats:
Agi = 140
Dex = 60+ (continue to add dexterity up to 240-255)

You should have 197 ASPD already with Awakening Potion and Improve Concentration.

Map: @warp gld_dun04
Monster: Kill all monsters
Skills: Normal Attack and Improve Concentration
Arrow: Holy Arrow

Use the free Yggdrasil Berry and Yggdrasil Seed if necessary. You may stay and continue leveling at this map up to the maximum level however if you prefer to explore other maps with much faster experience points, proceed to the next map on this guide.

Once you reached level 200, use the level 200 training box and choose bow; equip Fancy Set and Tactical Bow then go back again to Prontera (@go 0) and change job to Sniper.

Some might say you need to reach level 255 first before you change your job to Sniper however since you only have the free training equipment, I am suggesting changing your job to Sniper already as this will help increase your damage and level up both base and job level at the same time.

Level 201 - 255:
Starting Stats:
Agi = 140
Dex = 240-255
Vit = 1 (start adding Vit for survivability)
Skills: Normal Attack/Sharp Shooting and Improve Concentration
Map: @warp abbey03
Monster: Kill all monsters
Arrow: Holy Arrow

Skills: Normal Attack/Sharp Shooting and Improve Concentration
Map: @warp abyss_03
Monster: Gold Acidus
Arrow: Arrow of Shadow

Use the free Yggdrasil Berry and Yggdrasil Seed if necessary.

Once you reached Level 255, reset your stats and follow below newbie farming stats:

Str = 80
Agi = 7
Vit = 129
Int = 1
Dex = 255
Luk = 195

You don't need agility for farming as the Tactical Bow adds 80% attack speed; with Improve Concentration and Awakening Potion, you will have the maximum ASPD of 197. Luk adds additional damage and increases the critical rate, Vit for survivability, and Str to increase the weight so you can bring more usable items.

To get your falcon and platinum skills, go to @warp prontera 130 200.

BONUS: You can change your hairstyle, hair color, and cloth color from the Stylist at @warp prontera 170 180. :)

Newbie Farming:
Time-bound: 3 - 4 Hours

Start by subscribing to our amazing Dark RO Rebirth Streamers:
1. Febreezy Gaming
2. Cha7
3. Neo - CP
4. Apostolo Gaming
5. Gabino Gaming

These are the streamers I am currently following but there are more of them that you may encounter later on. Search and follow their FB pages; like share and comment !notify during their live streams and follow their mechanics to join their events or raffles to get a chance to win very useful items and equipment including Valkyrie equipment.

Next is to go to the Dark RO Rebirth website (www.dark-ro.com) to vote for the server and earn vote points, you can get 12-16 Vote Points per day and you can do this every 12-24 hours. You can redeem your points at @warp prt_in 132 34 for cool headgears, accessories, and useful items. The activity shop is available in this area as well and you can earn activity points by being active (30 Minutes Playtime = 1 Activity Point).

Now let's start your FARMING! :) 
Since you're aiming to get the equipment guild requirement for WOE fast. You need to earn your first  Billion Zeny to enter the monster arena (i.e. one of the fastest farming options).

Useful Commands:
- @aloottype +card (auto loots cards)
- @alootid +"Item Name" or "Item ID#" (auto loots specific item)
- @whosells "Item Name" (searches a player vending the item you're looking for; coordinates and amounts will be posted on your chat box) *always look for the cheapest*.
- @whodrops "item name" (searches for monsters who drops the specific item you're looking for.
- @whereis "monster name" (searches for the map where you can hunt the monster you're looking for)
- Utilize your shortcut list (Alt+M) for @warp command to help you teleport across the map fast when farming (just like using fly wings)

Step 1: Farm at least 2 Million Zeny for pots and flies.

Monster: Petite
Map: @warp mjolnir_03
Item: Khukri @alootid +Khukri or 13006 (50% Drop Rate)
NPC Selling Price: 120,000z

Get at least 20 pieces. This will only take you 3 - 5 Minutes.

Step 2: Sell those Khukris to a buy/sell NPC.

Map: @go mall
NPC: Tool Dealer

Once you have at least 2 Million zeny, buy 1000 White Potion, 1000 Fly Wing, and 50 Awakening Potion. Stock them in your storage (@storage) and leave at least 150 Fly Wing, 150 White Potion, and 10 Awakening potion in your inventory or as many as you can as long as you're not over 89% in weight.

Step 3: Go to Gold Room NPC (@warp prontera 162 152) and pay the 250,000z entrance fee.

Equipment: The level 200 free equipment set will do.
Armor: Fancy Suit
Robe: Fancy Manteau
Shoes: Fancy Boots
Bow: Tactical Bow
Arrow: Holy Arrow

Start farming by killing Golden Birds and earn gold points. 1 Gold Point is equivalent to 1 Gold (100,000z NPC Selling Price or 124,000z using Level 10 Overcharge). Golden Birds gives 1-3 Gold Points randomly.

With your current equipment, the average gold points you can get per minute is 58, therefore you can earn around 3400 gold points per hour.

(This can be a lot faster if you have a complete gold room equipment set however, farming these types of equipment will only delay our target to get your first required equipment for WOE)

To get your first billion zeny, farm in gold room for at least 3 solid hours to get around 10,200 - 10,400 gold points.

Please note that PK is activated in the map and you can only use a fly wing to dodge aggressive players, also use your white potion to avoid being killed as you will lose all points you have earned once you died. I recommended exchanging gold points regularly every time you have around 1k-2k points to secure your farm.

Focus on killing Golden Birds; avoid The Mine Guardians and other players as they might have a complete equipment set. You will have your revenge later on. /gg

Final Step: Once you earned a total of 10.2k-10.4k gold/gold points, quickly create a merchant and utilize the overcharge skill by selling those golds for 124%. You can use the extra million zeny to buy cards for the new job (Lord Knight) you will be creating later on to maximize the farming ability in the monster arena.

Mid-Tier Farming:
Time-bound: 7 - 8 Hours

Step 1: Get the following items:

1. +10 Katana (Vending Players or Upgrade):
2 Options:

A. Type @whosell Katana and look for the player vending the cheapest +10 Katana and use the @warp command to go to the location. Buying this from other players is considered overpriced as you can easily create one so I highly recommend option B.

B. Map: Mall - type @go mall (Look for the Weapon Dealer in the middle), choose swords and buy at least 10pcs Katana; you can buy these for 20,000z then look for the Tool Dealer and choose Smith Tools to buy 100pcs Phracon for 20,000z.

Once you have all the materials, go to @warp prt_in 59 60 and meet our friend Hollgrehenn :D. Upgrade your katanas to +10, this will be very easy as it is only a level 1 weapon however, if you're unlucky, just keep on repeating the process until you successfully created a +10 Katana.

2. Doppelganger Card:
To Hunt:
Map: @warp pvp_n_7-4
Arrow: Holy Arrow

Be prepared for other MVP Monsters.

To Buy: (Recommended to save time)
Mall: type @whosell Doppelganger Card

3. Baphomet Card:
To Hunt:
Map: @warp pvp_n_7-5
Arrow: Holy Arrow

Be prepared for other MVP Monsters.

To Buy: (Recommended to save time)
Mall: type @whosell Baphomet Card

4. Golem Card:
To Hunt: (Recommended)
Map: @warp moc_fild11

To Buy:
Mall: type @whosell Golem Card

5. Moonlight Flower Card:
To Hunt:
Map: @warp pvp_n_8-2
Arrow: Crystal Arrow

Be prepared for other MVP Monsters.

To Buy: (Recommended to save time)
Mall: type @whosell Moonlight Flower Card

6. Vanberk Card x2:
To Hunt: (Recommended to save zey)
Map: @warp ra_san01

To Buy:
Mall: type @whosell Vanberk Card

7. Hylozoist Card x2:
To Hunt: (Recommended to save money)
Map: @warp nif_fild01

To Buy:
Mall: type @whosell Hylozoist Card

8. Deviling Card (I highly recommend buying):
To Hunt:
Map: @warp pay_fild04 or @warp yuno_fild03

To Buy: (Recommended to save time)
Mall: type @whosell Deviling Card

9. Wool Scarf - dropped by Banshee:
To Hunt: (Recommended to save money)
Map: @warp abbey01

10. Tidal Shoes - dropped by Ragged Zombie:
To Hunt: (Recommended)
Map: @warp abbey02

11. Necklace[1] x2 - Mall Equipment Dealer:

12. Dark Blinker [1] - dropped by MVP RSX-0806 (I highly recommend buying for now):
To Hunt:
Map: @warp ein_dun02 (respawns once every 125-135 minutes)

To Buy: (Recommended to save time)
Mall: type @whosell Dark Blinder

13. Cap [1] - dropped by Giearth or any slotted upper headgear of your choice as this is only temporary:
To Hunt: (Recommended)
Map: @warp mjo_dun02

All the cards and equipment I recommended for you to buy are being sold between 10M-50M each, more than this price range is considered overpriced. If there is nothing available in the mall, try hunting.

14. Phoenix Wing (Optional) - use @guide command, select Quests, and choose Wings, Old Mand Wings, or @warp gonryun 35 21.

The Old Man will require you to bring the following materials:
10 Ruby - Dropped by Zombie Master at @warp gld_dun04
10 Opal - Dropped by Zombie Master at @warp gld_dun04
10 Amethyst - Dropped by Penomena at @warp alde_dun03
10 Sapphire - Dropped by Cramp at @warp alde_dun03
10 Topaz - Dropped by Dragon Egg at @warp abyss_02 or @warp abyss_03
10 Aquamarine - Dropped by Dragon Egg at @warp abyss_02 or @warp abyss_03
10 Emerald - Dropped by Mantis at @warp mjolnir_08

After you bring these materials, he will ask you what wings you would like to create. Choose Phoenix Wing and he will ask you to bring the following materials:

300 Flame Heart - Dropped by Marduk at @warp in_sphinx3
200 Shining Scale - Dropped by Isis at @warp moc_pryd04
200 Wing of Red Bat - Dropped by Drainliar at @warp alde_dun03
1 Gem of Force - Dropped by Wootan Fighter at @warp um_fild02

Note: If you run out of zeny, quickly farm in the gold room and just repeat the process.

This step will only take you around 30-60 mins if you followed all my recommendations and how fast you can follow the guide; +45 mins - 1 hr with Phoenix Wings.

Step 2: Assemble all the items and cards then put them in your storage.

Step 3: Create your Lord Knight. Follow the maps on the leveling guide above and you should be able to hit level 255 in just 5-10 minutes using field manual 300% as you can use your katana with Doppelganger Card and Baphomet Card as soon as you turned to Swordsman.

Str = 248 or as long as it is divisible by 10
Vit = 255
Luk = 52 (the rest of your stats points)

Step 4: Farm Yggdrasil Berry as you will need this for Monster Arena.

The recommended job for this step is High Wizard or High Priest however, you can also use your Sniper with his Sharp Shooting Skill.

Map: @warp prt_maze03
Monster: Baphomet Jr.
Item: @alootid +Yggdrasil Berry or 607

The average Yggdrasil Berries you can get per minute is 50 therefore, you can get around 1500 pcs in 30 minutes. Once done, stock them in your storage including your Fancy Suit as your Lord Knight will be needing a backup armor.

Step 5: Transfer your zeny from your Merchant to Lord Knight:
A. You can use the zeny storage (CTRL +B) and deposit at least 1,000,000,000z then change character to you Lord Knight and open your zeny storage again to withdraw the zeny. In case this is disabled for some reason, you can try option B.
B. Register a new account and do a dual login. Create at least level 1 Novice then transfer 1 Billion Zeny from your Merchant to your Novice from the 2nd account then transfer it back to your Lord Knight.

This is another option to transfer zeny unless you will convert your zeny to credits from the Credit Agent @warp prontera 129 213 however, there is a quest to gain access.

1 Credit = 10 Million Zeny
1 Black Credit = 1 Billion Zen

You can also exchange your credits to zeny on this Credit Agent.

Step 6: Go to the Alliance Commander located in Prontera @warp prontera 162 148 and select lend a hand to enter the Monster Arena Lobby.

Talk to the Alliance Captain and pay 1,000,000,000z to be part of the Alliance and enter the arena.

Prepare all your equipment and healing items! Bring Yggdrasil Berry and White Potions as many as you can as all monsters in here are very tough (you can restock anytime as you can access your @storage inside anytime). Use your Yggdrasil Berry as your primary healing potion and white potion as back up. Use White Potion (heals 25% of your HP) to sustain small damages and Yggdrasil Berry (heals 100% of your HP and SP) if necessary or if you're in danger. Don't worry about dying as you will not lose any points.

There are 3 floors inside:
1st Floor: 1 arena point per monster killed;
2nd Floor: 1-3 arena points per monster killed, access requires a guild and at least 5 party members (You can stay here if the players are not enough to access the 3rd floor);
3rd Floor: 2-4 arena points per monster killed, access requires a guild and at least 10 party members (this is what I recommend).

You can easily join a guild and a party in the Monster Arena Lobby. Just pub for a few minutes or PM the best monster arena farmers, their in-game names are Sayan and Ultra.

Your mission is to get monster arena badges.
10 Monster Arena Point = 1 Monster Arena Badge

With your equipment set, the average monster arena points you can get is 39 per minute. Therefore, you can get around 2,300 points per hour or hit 10,000 points for a total of 4 hours and 17 minutes. It can be much faster depending on how fast your lure is and your rotation around the map.

You can check the Arena Badge Shop inside the lobby and the most in-demand items are the option scrolls which can be exchanged for 500 Monster Arena Badges each. Options scrolls are used to upgrade Valkyrie equipment with random additional stats and these scrolls are being sold to other players for at least 20 Billion Zeny each. Getting 2 of these, you will be able to sell them for at least 40B Zeny to buy Valkyrie Armor for 15-18B and Valkyrie Shield w/ Golden Thief Bug Card 14-16B. You can buy the extra zeny for other cool or WOE equipment or continue farming for arena badges until you complete your Valkyrie Set with 2x Nile Rose.

Note that you can only stay inside for 3 hours. Once your time is up, you will be automatically kicked out of the arena and you need to wait for 30 minutes (you need to be online) in order to get back inside; the Alliance Captain will require you to pay 25,000,000z to enter again.
Overall, you only need a total of 12-15 Solid Game Hours to get your (Valkyrie Armor Tier 1 (18B) + Valkyrie Shield w/GTB (16B) up to 20 Hours assuming there are delays on the navigations.
Note: This guide is proven and tested.


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IGN: Merchant12

Full Name: Jhuzt Tapia

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/Jhuzt.ni.Nicolle

Star Wars Quote: "Always remember, your focus determines your reality."



=>> Obi Wan Answers <<=


Note: You just have to select the sentences with BLACK font color, those are the correct answers.

1st Answer: "For buying, selling & trading."
2nd Answer: "Submit a ticket"
3rd Answer: "Set-up Vend in the Mall"
4th Answer: "Trading friends"
5th Answer: "Enjoying the game"


=>> First Job to take: <<=


- GUNSLINGER (you can be at max level within 10 minutes and start farming)


1st (NOVICE Level 1) 

- Open the field manual 300% and kill some PORING,FABRE or LUNATIC at prontera field 1 or use the command (@warp prt_fild01)




Str 100 (for carrying items)                
Agi 165 or atleast 197 aspd
Vit 100
Int 100
Dex 255


- Go back to prontera or use the command (@go 0) & talk to "Job Master" NPC then select "GUNSLINGER" job.

- Open Level 1 training box and select Revolver then go to mall and buy 10 Silver Bullets

- After changing job, go to PAYON DUNGEON 00(@warp pay_dun00). Kill atleast 1 ZOMBIE,POPORING or SKELETON that is enough for you to unlock
"DESPERADO" skill.

- After unlocking "DESPERADO" go to @warp gl_knt01 and hunt for 1 "RAYDRIC ARCHER CARD(chance to obtain Box of Resentment)"

- Then proceed to PRONTERA MAZE 03(@warp prt_maze03) and start killing "BAPHOMET JR." using DESPERADO skill

NOTE: Loot the YGGDRASIL BERRY(use @alootid +607) EVIL HORN(use@alootid +923) BOX OF RESENTMENT(@alootid +12030) all drop by BAPHOMET JR. Stay on this
map until you reached the MAX LEVEL(255).

TIP: This is the best map for you to reach the max level and at the same time you are farming.


=>> Newbie Farming (Fancy Set) <<=


FANCY SET & FREE REVOLVER from the training box will do.


- Stay at PRONTERA MAZE 03 and FARM YGGDRASIL BERRY until you reach 10,000 pcs of  YGG BERRY you will also
have 10,000 pcs of EVIL HORN and some BOX OF RESENTMENT at the same time.

- Go to mall then box the YGG BERRY via BOX trader near Equipment dealer.

- Go to prontera and sell your 1,000 pcs of YGG BERRY box 1.2B to 1.5B and your 10,000 pcs evil horn for 1.2B - 1.5B and
your BOX OF RESENMENT for 120K - 150K each.


This will took 3-5 hours depends on how many are farming during that day.



=>> Mid-Tier Farming (With Decent Farmed Equipment) <<=


Sound HeadProtector 
Gargoyle Wings
Dark Blinker 
+10 Garrison(2 Turtle General Card 1 Drake card)
 Fancy Set(Still prefer using the fancy set because of the combo effect)

2 pcs Vesper Core 04


- After earning from YGG Berry farming you should have atleast 2.5B to 3B. You can now buy +10 Garrison / Turtle General Cards / Drake Card
/ Gargoyle wings , Sound Headprotector & BUBBLE GUM(look for cheap vendors on mall) & DEAD BRANCH
with your remaining zeny.


- Go to DB Room at Prontera and start summoning using Dead Branch and farm the following items:


> Break the Seal Materials (Check it on Prontera middle and talk to Guardian of Prontera)

> Dragon Wing Cards (Eclipse Card, Wandering Wolf Card, Toad Card and Mutant Dragonoid Card)


TIP 1: Create a Merchant using different account and sell your LOOTS via vending on mall and use @autotrade when you are done setting up then repeat the process. You are selling while you are farming.


TIP 2: Use the command @whosell "name of the item" for you to adopt with the pricing of each and every materials you have.


This will took atleast 2-4 hrs for you to consume 10,000 pcs of Dead Branch.


=>> Computation: Road to Valkyrie Armor Tier 1 (18B) + Valkyrie Shield w/GTB (16B) <==


Usually you can gain 5B - 10B or more per 10,000 Dead Branches with all the materials you can obtain here. Also, depends on your luck on 
summoning. If you are lucky enough and you always summon Toad,Eclipse,Wandering Wolf & Mutant dragonoid and obtained their cards you
can buy VA & Vshield with GTB within 2-4 Days. Again, it all depends on how you grind and how many hours you will exert on the game. If 
you are a hardworking person then you can achieve the VA and Vshield within 2 days.


Overall: 48 - 96 hours

Edited by gokou12
added the accessories on equipments

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IGN: Lil S e x B a l l s

Full Name: Enricko Bondoc 

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/BoSsEnricKo/

Star Wars Quote: "In my experience there is no such thing as luck.” – Obi-Wan Kenobi"





--- Obi Wan Moment ---

Time Scale: 1 Minute


Obi-Wan and Answer his questions.

  • 1. We have broadcaster in Major towns. How do people  use them?
  • ANSWER: For Buying, Selling & Trading
  • 2. What are you going to do if you get scammed, hacked, or cheated by someone?
  • ANSWER: Submit a Ticket
  • 3. Which things is the right to do?
  • ANSWER: SET-up Vend in the mall
  • 4. What is allowed during War of Emperium?
  • ANSWER: Trading Friends
  • 5. What is your purpose in DarkRO?
  • ANSWER: Enjoying the game.


Then you will get the following items that can help you to level up.



  • Level 1 Training Box
  • Level 100 Training Box
  • Level 200 Training Box
  • Field Manual 300%
  • 10x Yggdrasil Berry Box
  • 10x Yggdrasil Seed Box
  • 1x FREE Doppelganger Card (ASPD 190)




I will recommend to use Stalker job to get you started. 



  • Very good in GOLD room (where you can obtain gold and sell it for Zeny)
  • Can copy skills such as "Triple Attack" from Champion 
  • also have Double Strafe (like sniper)
  • Can you use Bow or Knife when killing Golden Peco Peco


  • NONE


--- Leveling and Stats ---

Time Scale: 15-25 Minutes (until max level)


If you follow the guide below it will only takes you 10-15 minutes to reach Level 255.


Job Changer: @warp prontera 152 193

Reset Girl: @warp prontera 149 19


Level 1 - 20
Use the Level 1 Training Box, Open and equip the trainee set and make sure you choose the BOW weapon.


What you will need to do:


Map: Go to @warp prt_field01
Monster to kill: Kill ANY [Preferred: Poring 1725]


User all your skills points and warp back to Job Changer, then change to Thief


Level 20 - 50
Then you need to go back to field to kill more monsters.


Map: @warp prt_fild01
Monster to kill: Kill ANY [Preferred: Lunatic 1591]


Once you obtain enough Base Level and 50 Job level. You will now need to use all  your Skill points so you can change to Rogue.


Status: All DEX (Preparation for Bow)


Once you become Rogue, equipped the Bow and buy some arrows at mall either go here or @warp mall 79 81


NPC -> Am munitions
Buy the following Arrows: 1766 10x Arrow of Counter Evil, 1755 10x Arrow of Wind,  175410x Crystal Arrow


Then you will need to get few skills points to get Vulture's Eye Maxed out and Double Strafe maxed out.

Skill Required: Vulture's Eye (for long range attack) and Double Strafe (for damage)


Map: Go to @warp prt_field01
Monster to kill: Kill ANY [Preferred: Poring 1725]


Level 50 - 100+ 


Map: @warp orcsdun01 or orcsdun02
Monster to kill: Every monster you see (KILL ON SIGHT)



Do not forget to increase your DEX every time you level up.


Once you reach Base Level 100 and Job Level 50. You are ready to be a Stalker. Go back to Prontera City "@warp prontera 152 193" 


Once you become a Stalker your Skill Points will reset to 0, so I suggest go back and kill few Poring to get your skill points enough  to get "Venture's Eye and Double Strafe maxed out"


Map: Go to @warp prt_field01
Monster to kill: Kill ANY [Preferred: Poring 1725]


This moment your priority is to get "Venture's Eyes and Double Strafe skills" again.


Upon reaching Base Level 100


You are now eligible to open the Level 100 Training Box, Make sure you choose the BOW weapon again. 


Equip the following items:


  • Nomadic Suit
  • Nomadic Mantue
  • Nomadic Boots
  • Recurve Bow (weapon)

Level 100 - 160+


Map: @warp in_sphinx5
Monster: Kill ANY [Preferred: Pasana or Mytr]

Arrow: 1766 10x Arrow of Counter Evil [HOLY PROPERTY]

Status: Dex: 170, Agi: Increase this now to achieve 197 ASPD.


Kill as much as you can and as faster as you can until you reach Level 160.

Now you are ready to move forward to higher level monster


Level 160 - 255


Map: @warp thor_v01 and @warp thor_v03 (ONLY)

Arrow:  175410x Crystal Arrow


Once you reach 200+ you now eligible to open the Level 200 Training Box, Make sure you choose the BOW weapon again.


Equip the following items:


  • Fancy Suit
  • Fancy Manteau
  • Fancy Boots
  • Tactical Bow (weapon)

While you are leveling and killing monster on @warp thor_v01. Make sure you kill Bow Master as it drops a good accessories that you will need on your first build. 


Accessories:  2785 Orlean's Glove (DEX + 2) get two of this if you are lucky enough before you reach 255/100.



This time I suggest you max out the DEX then put some HP (VIT). Until you reach 255/100 so you can reset your stats and skills for Gold hunting.


Now that you are 255/100. It is time to reset your stats and skills.

STR: 100
AGI: 100
VIT: 100
INT: 7
DEX: 255
LUK: 171


Skills: (see my skill bar and arrange it on your preference.)




--- Equipment ---


To get you started you will need get your first 1,000,000 Zeny


Map: @warp gld_dun01
Monster: AM MUT 1301

Loot the following items:

Gold Gold #969 (Get at least 10x or 20x to get you started)


Once you get your 1,000,000 Zeny. You will be able to go inside the Gold Room where you can get as much as Gold as you can, just make sure you avoid getting killed by players as you will lose all your Gold.


Since you are new to the server and does not have any good equipment. I suggest to buy 12212 Giant Fly Wing at least 400x (it cost 2z per piece). You can use this to warp on random place on the MAP to avoid getting killed by players.



Time Scale: 4-5 Hours a day (4-6B "if lucky")



To go to Gold Room (@Warp prontera 162 152) and pay 250,000 Zeny as entrance fee. 


(I recommend to put Giant Fly Wing to your Skill bar for easy use.)


Arrow: 1766 10x Arrow of Counter Evil [HOLY PROPERTY]
Scroll: 12381 Level 200 All-in-One Buff


Gold-Points  Collect as much as points as you can, then exchange it to the same NPC outside Prontera. 




Kill as many as you can of Golden Peco until reach 10,000 Gold points (to get your 1,000,000,000 Zeny)


Create a Merchant so you can sell your obtained Gold to the NPC 24% higher than 100,000 per gold so you will get more Zeny.


Now that you have a 1 Billion Zeny you can now start farming materials for Break The Seal / Dragon Wing / Visor Quest




2nd Character "For FARMING"

  1. You will need to create a new character (Gunslinger).
  2. Follow the same level pattern above to get your Gunslinger at 255/100 (except get the REVOLVER instead of BOW)
  3. The free Level 200 Training Box Equipment will be enough to use for hunting using (Desperado)
  4. Go to the Mall and buy yourself a ammo: NPC -> Ammunitions Buy the following Bullets:  13200 10x Bullet, 13202 10x Bloody Shell, and 13201 10x Silver Bullet


STR: 100
AGI: 165 (Recommended for 197 ASPD)
VIT: 100
INT: 1
DEX: 255
LUK: Whatever left


Skill you need:

gs-desperado Level 10 DESPERADO + [ANY of F1 or F2 or F3 that contains 604Dead Branches ]


Go to DeadBranch Room located @warp prontera 162 156 and start summoning monster and killing them with gs-desperado Level 10 DESPERADO.


Using your 1 Billion you can buy loads of 604 Dead Branches that you can use to farm the following items: 


@alootid +2354 - Goibne’s Armor 
@alootid +2419 - Goibne’s Greeves  
@alootid +5128 - Goibne’s Helm      
@alootid +2520 - Goibne’s Spaulders 
@alootid +4203 - Mutant Dragonoid Card   
@alootid +4266 - Eclipse Card 
@alootid +4306 - Toad Card         
@alootid +14574 - Vagabond Card 
@alootid +2125  - strong shield 
@alootid +7444  - Treassure  
@alootid +7443  - Three Head
@alootid +7035  - Matchstick
@alootid +ancient lips
@alootid +bat cage
@alootid +aloevera
@alootid +cursed seal
@alootid +hand of god

@alootid +607 (YggBerry)

@alootid +aloevera


List of prices


v97ajvK.gif Cursed Seal 300x (1set) = 80-90C

08l569k.gif Match Stick 1x = 1C - 2C

O9Pfd6q.gif Eclipse Card = 80-90C

O9Pfd6q.gif Toad Card = 1B

O9Pfd6q.gif Vagabond Card = 50C

O9Pfd6q.gif Mutant Dragonoid Card = 50C

n2Qg6OE.gif 1000x YGG Box (10,000x YggBerry) = 1.5B set

3RszvZd.gif 1000x Aloevera Box (10,000x Aloevera) = 5B - 6B


(TIP: Please check the URL below for Break The Seal Materials, so you can also add that your @alootid)

Then the rest of Break The Seal materials can be sold up to 6-8 B per set.


The above are the following items that you will need to collect and sell to players that are doing the Break The seal/ Colored Dragon Wing and Colored Visor.


Usually you can get at least 6+ Billion Zeny on 20-30k Dead Branches or 4-6 hours. 


I suggest use the first earn money to get the following items for MID-Tier Farming, so your farming will be a lot quicker and enjoyable. 

Headgear: Sound Head Protector
Low HG: Gargoyle Wings
Mid HG: Dark Blinker
Weapon: +0 or +10 Garrison + [2x Turtle General Card] + [1x Drake for SP consumption]
Armor/Mantu/Shoes: Keep using Fancy Suit, Boots, Mantaue as it gives good stats for your Gunslinger
Accessories: 2x Orlean's Glove


The outcome of this guide will also be depending how determine and how much effort you put into it. 


Once you get your 15-20 B Credits, You can now buy your first Tier 1 2357 Valkyrie Armor. 


Create a Merchant so you can sell your obtained loots via Vending on the mall "@autotrade" so you can earn while sleeping or farming for more Loots. 


Time Scale: 2-3 Hours to get the following items below. If hunting all the items (EXCEPT Tier 1 Valkyrie Armor)


Headgear: Head Protector of Earth + [Vanberk Card] or Father's Beret for 10% reduce damage from Demi-Human.
Mid Gear: Dark Blinker (I suggest to buy it from vending merchant @warp mall) + [Vanberk Card]
Lower Gear: Phoenix Wing
Armor: T1 Valkyrie Armor (The one that you just bought from Players using the hard earned Credits) + [Ghostering Card] <- (I suggest to buy it from vending merchant @warp mall)
Garment: Wool Scarf (Dropped by Banshee) + [Radric Card] or [Noxious Card]
Shoes: Tidal Shoes (Dropped by Ragged Zombie) + Moonlight Card <- (I suggest to buy it from vending merchant @warp mall)
Accessories: 2pcs Orlean's Glove + Erendee Card] for Pneuma + [Wickebine  Card] for Auto Strip Armor
Long Range Weapon: +10 Composite Bow + [3x Metalling cards] + [Lord Of Death Card]

STR: 41
AGI: 193
VIt: 151
INT: 1
DEX: 255
LUK: 1


Then try to apply or ask to join any GUILD that are available or currently recruiting. 


 Extra Links:

(Quest Headgear Located)

(Quest Wing Located)

(Quest Break The Seal)

(Quest Thanatos Tower)


Extra Tip:

You can also get Credits/ Black Credits from our beloved streamer, by following, sharing and joining their 664Giveaways.

  • Cha7
  • M o o M o o Gaming
  • Gabino Gaming
  • Tito Gaming
  • Juls Gaming
  • Santidope Gaming
  • Aries Zee Gaming

By supporting our beloved streamer they will exchange that with a surprise Giveaways or fun events.


Overall time: 24-48 Hours depending on your Effort and determination.

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IGN: David Beckham

Full Name: Arvin Jessen Corpuz 

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/omfgitsjessen/

Star Wars Quote: "DO or DO not There is no Try.” – Yoda"






Basic Guides,Tips, and Farming FOR NEW PLAYERS!!!!



Obi Wan Questions and Answers

  • 1. We have broadcaster in Major towns. How do people  use them?
  • ANSWER: For Buying, Selling & Trading
  • 2. What are you going to do if you get scammed, hacked, or cheated by someone?
  • ANSWER: Submit a Ticket
  • 3. Which things is the right to do?
  • ANSWER: SET-up Vend in the mall
  • 4. What is allowed during War of Emperium?
  • ANSWER: Trading Friends
  • 5. What is your purpose in DarkRO?
  • ANSWER: Enjoying the game


First Job to take:

       Archer Then Transform it to Sniper. Easy to use and Good for Farming. You Can Also use this for Invasion. so i highly recommend Sniper Job for Farming and Pk'ing.

Leveling And Stats:

        Level 1 Novice : Using ur Field Manual Box and Level 1 Training which you got from Obi Wan. Warp to pay_fild04 and kill some poring until you have a Job level 10 Use all ur skills points into learn basic Skills for you to be able to Job change into a Archer. then go back to prontera using @go 0 and talk to the Job Changer. Pick Archer and after that go back to pay_fild04 or to Level some more until you have Job Level of 50 to Become A Hunter. 


         Stats at this Point :
                                      STR :1

                                      AGI : The Rest is Agi for ASPD.

                                      VIT :1

                                      INT :1

                                      DEX : 99 = For some Extra Damage

                                      LUK :1


         SKILLS  Point Distribution: (IMPORTANT)

                                      Basic Skill : Lv9

                                      Double Strafe : Lv10

                                      Owl's Eye : Lv10

                                      Vulture's Eye : Lv10

                                      Improve Concentration : Lv10

                                      Arrow Shower : Lv9



NOTES : Archer/Hunter/Snipers REQUIRES ARROWS FOR YOU TO BE ABLE TO SHOOT ENIMIES. You can Acquire Arrows to Any Weapon Dealer. or Just by warping to mall or @go 30 and click on the NPC Tool Dealer and Choose AMMUNITIONS and Buy Only 1 of Each Arrow.


Leveling And Stats for Hunter: 

        Once You Are a Hunter You can warp to gl_prison to Level up until you Reach to level 100 for you to be able to Open the Training Box Lvl 100 ( I would also suggest that don't change yet to SNIPER once you have reached Base Level 99 because it would be give you more time to Reach Level 255, only Change ur Job once to SNIPER once you reach 255). After reaching Level 100 warp to in_sphinx4 and Kill ANUBIS until only stop once you reach LVL 150+.

             Stats at this Point :

                                         STR :1

                                         AGI : The Rest is AGI for ASPD

                                         VIT :1

                                         INT :1

                                         DEX : 140

                                         LUK :1


             SKILLS Distribution : (IMPORTANT)

                                         Beast Bane : Lv10

                                         Steel Crow : Lv10

                                         Falcon Mastery : Lv1

                                         Blitz Beat : Lv5

                                         Remove Trap : Lv1

                                         Spring Trap : Lv5

                                         Detect : Lv4

                                The Rest you can distribute of ur skill points u can distribute to Traps (Make sure to use all your skills points so that You can Change Job to Sniper once you reach 255)


             Once you are Lvl 150 + You can Warp to abbey02 and kill some Zombie Slaughter or Ragged Zombie at this Point while u are still on Field Manual Box by killing 1 Zombie Monster is equivalent to 1 Level up . So you will be Lvl 255 in no time. When you already reach level 255 and used all your skill points. Warp to Prontera and Talk to Job Changer and change ur Job to Sniper. at this point you Job Points go back to Level 1 so i suggest go back to abbey02 and kills more monsters until you reach JOB LEVEL 100.


           Stats at this Point :

                                       STR : Only use for carrying (it still depends on you)

                                       AGI : UNTIL YOU HAVE 197 ASPD

                                       VIT : 98 for Maximum HP | Physical Defense | Magical Defense

                                       INT : 1 

                                       DEX : 255

                                       LUK : 182 for Critical Hit Rate and 

          SKILLS Distribution : (IMPORTANT)

                                      Falcon Assault : Lv5

                                      Sharp Shooting : Lv10

                                      True Sight : Lv10

                                      Wind Walk : Lv10

                                      Ankle Snare : Lv10 (Needed for WOE)

                                      Other Skill Points : You can use it as you like.


By this time You Can Open the TRAINING BOX LVL 200 which Consists of

                        - 7x Level 200 All-in-One Buf Scroll

                        - 1x Fancy Equipments Set

                        - 1x Level 200 Weapon of Choice (Tactical Bow)

                      Use this until you will be able to buy a much more decent items.


Mid-Tier Farming (With Decent Farmed Equipment) :




               ITEMS:                                  Item ID# :                   Monsters:                  Warp:                               Drop Rate:          Spawn Rate:         Market Value:                              

              1. Skull                                  7005                            Alarm                        c_tower03                             100%                 120                    100,000 - 150,000

              2. Slick Paper                       7111                            Karakasa                  ama_fild01                            100%                  75                     150,000

              3. Gold                                  906                              Am Mut                     gld_dun01                             50%                   30                      100,000 - 124,000

              4. Moth Wings                     1058                            Dustiness                  mjolnir_12                            100%                 75                      150-000 - 250,000

              5. Aloevera                           606                              Grove                         hu_fild13                              100%                 105                    150-000

              6. Giant Butterfly Wing       7168                            Bloody Butterfly       gon_dun01                          100%                 82                      200-000 - 250-000

              7. Evil Horn                           923                              Baphomet Jr.             prt_maze03                         100%                 187                    80,000

              8. Broken Shuriken             7156                            Shinobi                       ama_dun03                         100%                 82                      150,000

              9. Black Hair                         1020                            Sohee                          pay_dun03                          100%                105                     200,000

             10. Blue Hair                         1034                            Kobold                        gef_fild08                             100%                 60                      100,000

             11. Nine Tails                        1022                            Nine-Tail                    pay_fild11                             100%                90                       100,000

             12. Horse Shoe                      944                             Nightmare                 gef_dun02                            100%                60                       100,000

             13. Yggdrasil Seed                608                              Stem Worm               lhz_fild03                              100%                75                       300,000

             14. Tongue                            1015                            Rybio                           gl_prison                               100%               25                       100,000 - 200,000

             15. Sharp Leaf                       7100                           Dryad                          um_fild01                              100%               97                       150,000



These are the Basic Items People Buys. you can use the command @whobuy "item" to see who people buys these items ex. (@whobuy skull).  So you can keep farming these items or you can also farm some of these and sell them to people so that u  have the zenny  to enter GOLD ROOM. 


To Make much more easier to loot you can use the commands @alootid +Item so you can just keep on killing monsters.

           ex. @alootid +Skull

                 @alootid +Slick Paper

                 @alootid +Gold

                 @alootid +Moth Wings

                 @alootid +Aloevera

                 @alootid +Giant Butterfly Wing

                 @alootid +Evil Horn

                 @alootid +Broken Shuriken

                 @alootid +Black Hair

                 @alootid +Blue Hair

                 @alootid +Nine Tails

                 @alootid +Horseshoe

                 @alootid +Yggdrasil Seed

                 @alootid +Tongue

                 @alootid +Sharp Leaf




             Gold Room Farming (@warp prontera 162 152) . Gold Room is where u kill some RARE Birds and by doing so you will be able to gain a random amount of GOLD POINTS or GP and you can trade it into real GOLD which if u sell it normally on an NPC it would pay you 100,000 but if you use a MERCHANT CLASS with skill OVERCHARGE it goes 124,000. The only down side of this is that There are guardians inside which lurking to kill you and All of your points will lose when you die. You can also Lose Points if a Player Chooses to Kill you so I suggest that You Bring a lot of fly Wings to teleport yourself if someone hits you.


NOTE : I Suggest the first one farming since it's much easier and you don't have to worry about getting killed and losing points. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU SAVE THE MONEY you FARMED TO BUY THESE ITEMS so that you can upgrade into a MID-Tier LEVEL KIND OF FARMING SUCH AS Endless Tower and Bloody Branch Farming.



ITEM:                                                                         CARDS:                                                                                                          COST (not including cards):         

1. HOKAGE                                                            VANBERK CARD                                                                                              1.5B to 2B

2. BLANK EYES                                                      VANBERK CARD                                                                                              500M

3. DEMON WINGS                                                                                                                                                                           400M
4. +10 Yellow Lightsaber[4]                                2x Abyssmal Knight Card 2X Paper                                                              200M

5. +10 Yellow LightSaber[4]                                2X Abyssmal Knight Card 1X Turtle General Card  1X Doppelganger    200M                 

6. +7 Tidal Shoes                                                   Moonlight Flower Card                                                                                  200M

7. +7 Wool Scarf                                                    Giant Whisper Card                                                                                        120M

8. Stone of Kanan                                                  Mantis Card                                                                                                     300M - 500M

9. Stone of Kanan                                                  Mantis Card                                                                                                     300M - 500M

10. Fancy Suit (Lv200TrainingBox)

                                                                                                                                                                                    TOTAL :           3.7B to 4.6B


THESE are BASIC ITEMS and a GOOD STATS .for a job SITH which is very GOOD FOR Blood Branch Farming. and here are the stats for it. I will guide you on how to stats like a pro for FARMING. 


AND FOR LEVELING UR SITH U CAN USE THE SAME PROCESS AS LEVELING UR SNIPER. WHICH AT THIS POINT IT WILL ONLY TAKE 5 MINUTES to get to  LEVEL 255 coz u already have a complete items. I also suggest that using your sniper you will have to hunt the quest items for SITH Job quest.


Quest for Novice to Padawan :


Talk to Master Yoda located @warp gef_fild01 90 40

and he will ask you these three items to bring in Interstellar Forger

1. (1) Gem of Force – Wootan Fighter @warp um_fild01/ – um_fild02/um_dun01
2. (1) Blue Crystal – Dark Poring – @warp prt_fild01
3. (1) Saber Handle – Pirate Skeleton – @warp treasure01

Once you get the three needed items, visit the Interstellar forger located in @warp comodo 330 224

Talk to the forger and if you have all the items he will make a you blue lightsaber.

Go back to Master Yoda and talk to him and you will be transformed into a Padawan


Padawan to SITH JOB QUEST: 

@warp sith 49 96 and talk to Anakin Skywalker

Items needed:
5 Gem of Force – Wootan Fighter @warp um_fild01, um_fild02, um_dun01
25 Blue Crystals - Dark Poring @warp prt_fild01
50 Bear Footskin - Bigfoot @warp pay_fild07, pay_fild09, prt_maze02





     STR: ALWAYS DIVISIBLE by 10. ex 253 + 47 = 300


     VIT: TOTAL of 150 so you wont get stunned.

     INT: 1

     DEX: TOTAL of 150



NOTE: This is for Bloody Branch Farming which is by the way a 1 Bloody Branch cost 1M each and you can buy them at DB ROOM which is located in prontera 161 156. 


Here are the List of Items you needed to Loots for Bloody Branch Farming and Value of Each Items.


     @autoloottype +Card                                                                                                

     @alootid +Mother's Nightmare 

     @alootid +Fire Dragon Scale

     @alootid +Shining Spear Blade

     @alootid +Young Twig

     @alootid +7513 (Pocket Watch)

     @alootid +Piece Of Shield

     @alootid +Masque of Tutankhamen

     @alootid +Will of Red Darkness

     @alootid +Broken Crown

     @alootid +Gemstone

     @alootid +valhalla's flower

     @alootid +skeletal armor piece

     @alootid +7444 (Treasure Box)

     @alootid +fragment of rossata stone

     @alootid +tiger's footskin

     @alootid +broken pharaoh emblem

     @alootid +2256 (Magestic Goat)

     @alootid +Morrigane's Manteau


List of Prices for Items for Bloody Branch farming :

Mother's Nightmare                                      75m - 100M EA 

Fire Dragon Scale                                           5M - 10M EA

Shining Spear Blade                                      20M - 30M EA

Young Twig                                                     50m - 60M EA

Pocket Watch                                                 10M -15M EA

Piece of Shield                                                3M - 10M EA

Masque of Tutankhamen                             15M - 20M EA

Will of Red Darkness                                     10M - 20M EA

Broken Crown                                                15M - 20M EA

Gemstone                                                        5M - 10M EA

Valhalla's Flower                                             65M - 100M EA

Skeletal Armor Piece                                      450M - 550M EA

Fragment of Rossata Stone                           15M - 20M EA

Tiger's Footskin                                                1M  - 5M EA

Broken Pharaoh Emblem                               2M - 5M EA

Majestic Goat                                                   10M - 20M EA

Morrigane's Manteau                                      450M - 500M EA


List of Price of Cards for Bloody Branch Farming :

Fallen Bishop Card                                             15B - 30B

Gloom Under Knight Card                                30B - 40B

Ifrit Card                                                               65B - 80B

Valkyrie Randgris Card                                      130B - 150B

Turtle General Card                                           100M - 200M

Moonlight Flower Card                                      5M - 15M

Doppelganger Card                                            50M - 60M

Tao Gunka Card                                                  3B - 5B

Golden Thief Bug Card                                      3B - 5B

Amon Ra Card                                                     3B - 5B

Beelzebub Card                                                  2B - 4B

Kiel-D-01 Card                                                    400M - 500M


I highly Suggest that you use HE BUBBLEGUM (Item Drop Rate Increases by 200% for 15 minutes) you can buy this for 20Credits ea. or just a normal BUBBLE GUM which increases drop rate by 100% for 10 minutes for 10credits. 




SO basically you can earn for about 10B to 170B depending on the Drops. if you're lucky enough to get rare cards you will have a Valkyrie Armor T1 along with Valkyrie shield with GTB in no time. I say for about 2 to 4 days (48 to 96 Hours)

HERE are some useful website throughout your Journey to the DARK:RO Rebirth World. 




You can also Get some cool items by Voting . just click on the link https://dark-ro.com/ and look for VOTE! .








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Welcome to the Dark Side of Ragnarok Online!

If you want to feel again the force experience, what are you waiting for?
Join and play the DarkRO Rebirth and venture into the Galaxy!

Of course, you need to download the client first
*PS: Turn off your Anti Virus & Firewall temporarily before proceeding*

- Where can I download this game?
You may download it here: https://dark-ro.com/?COLLCC=4049227666&module=page&action=download
Then choose any full download of your choice, I prefer downloading via mediafire with BGM.

PS: I recommend using Internet Download Manager to download it faster.

After downloading it, you may check your IDM's (Internet Download Manager) list of downloads.

- How do I install?
• After downloading it, open your IDM. Right click your latest download then click Open
After clicking, it will open its installation program in where you need to choose of where to extract it
* I personally extracted it my E: drive, it is where all my games are in *

Click EXTRACT and it will prompt asking for a password, you don't have to worry about it because its password is listed also in the DOWNLOAD PAGE

* password: darkrorebirth *
After extracting, all you need to do now is update your client by running your patcher > you need to "Run as administrator" your DarkRO Patcher


• After patching, open up your SETUP.EXE and fix the display you are desired to.



• After installing and patching, you may now Turn On again your Anti Virus & Windows Firewall •

Congratulations  Now that you have successfully installed DarkRO Rebirth, all you need now is an account.

- How do I register?
• You may register for an account here: https://dark-ro.com/?module=account&action=create

• Be sure that you register a valid email address so that you won't have problems in the future.

• Also, do not share your account with anyone. They are not responsible if you get hacked. Trust only the official website when logging in your browser.


Now that you have account, you can now start exploring and journey into the world of DarkRO Rebirth.


- Upon creating your character, once you login you will meet Obi-Wan Kenobi




- Before you get to enter and start playing, Obi-Wan Kenobi will ask you some questions. This is very basic since most of the correct answers are highlighted and the wrong ones are greyed out.


First Question:
Second Question:

Third Question:

Fourth Question

Fifth Question:

• Level 1 Training Box Level

• Level 100 Training Box

• Level 200 Training Box
• 1x Yggdrasil Berry (10)
• 1x Yggdrasil Seed (10)

• 1x Field Manual 300%

• 1x FREE Doppelganger Card (ASPD 190)


Note: These training boxes has gears inside it, they're rental and they have expiry time. You cannot sell them in the NPC.


Well :no1: Done You can now start your journey!


Also check out first the SERVER FEATURE here:

To see the list of commands you can use:

Use @commands and @commands2



To start your way up, I would suggest that you make a Sniper as your starter.
- Snipers are known to be a very efficient character But to achieve this you'll start from the bottom.


Time-Bounded : 15-20 Minutes Max

Lv1-50: Poring Family: Poring.gif drops.gif Poporing.gif

- Open your Level 1 Training Box, it will prompt to choose a weapon. (Choose Bow so you'll have a weapon when you change class)/- This also includes 50x Lv1 All-In-One  


- You can warp at pay_fild04 and start killing monsters to gain EXP & Level.

Monsters To Kill
- Poring
- Drops  
- Poporing

- Then once you are leveled enough, you can change to first class which is Archer. You don't need to do a quest anymore, just talk to the




Job Changer NPC (prontera 153 192)

- Once you changed to archer, you need to get some ammunitions for your bow.

- You can get them at the mall "Tool Dealer" (mall 80 80) Flower-Lady.gif

Note: Just buy 1x per type of arrow ammunition, it serves as unlimited already and each hit doesn't consume arrows.


Lv50-100+: Payon Dungeon & Glast Heim Zombie.gif SS.gif AS.gif zombie1.gif injustice.gif rybio.gif
- As you have changed to Archer job already you can warp to pay_dun00 & pay_dun01. Equip your Ammunition, preferable Arrow of Counter Evil (Holy vs Undead) and start killing undead monsters only. Put all your stats in DEX first to maximize your damage and double strafing, this makes you kill the monsters easily. Then when you are almost 70+ & Job Lv50 already. Go back to Prontera and talk again to the Job Changer NPC and change to Hunter.
Monsters To Kill

  • - Zombie
  • - Skeleton Soldier
  • - Archer Skeleton

- Once you job changed into Hunter, you may now go to higher tier of undead. Warp to gl_prison and start killing monsters again until you gain Job Level 50.

Monsters To Kill

  • - Zombie Prisoner
  • - Injustice
  • - Rybio

- When you get to Base Level Level 99 & Job Level 50, you can go back to the Job Changer NPC and change to transcendence Sniper. No need to REBIRTH or go over again back to Level 1, but your Job Level will reset and you will have 50 Skill Points ready to fill up your first job skills.

Note: You must consume all Skill Points Level before proceeding, you cannot job change if you have remaining skill point levels.

I am Level 99 now? Why won't I level up anymore?

- You don't need to worry about this, just keep on killing monsters and it will give you EXP continuously until you exceed to Level 100, then just continuously kill monsters to level up.

Lv100+180: Thor's Volcano IMP.gif KASA.gifSALAMANDER.gif
- From here, you can open your 1x Field Manual 300% so that you'll gain EXP faster than before.

- You also need to open your Level 100 Training Box and choose again BOW as the Lv100 Weapon to be received.

- Equip the Level100 Set and warp to thor_v01 and start killing monsters until you can be able to kill KASA, continue doing this until you gain level up to 180-200

Monsters To Kill

  • - Imp
  • - Magmaring
  • - Kasa

- When you reach Level 180-200, you can transfer to thor_v03 to kill multiple Salamanders which gives you huge EXP to level up to 255 real quick.


Congratulations :em: You have your first Level 255 character that you can use also to hunt stuffs.



• Now that you are Level 255, you can now reset your stat for a proper build and start farming.
Time-Bounded : Depending on your availability, 1 Hour = 5K Gold Points
Expected Income : 620M/62C per hour

• Ideal Stat For Farming •

  • Dex - Maximized for Damage Output
  • Agi - 197 ASPD without Agi & Bless
  • Vit - 150 base for anti-stun purposes and enough HP
  • Str - 99 for carrying usables (fly wing/potions)
  • Luk - Remaining stat for Luk & Atk

Where do I farm? What do I farm?

- As for starters, we have the GOLD ROOM.

- Gold Room is a farming site where you need to kill Golden Bird to earn points and exchange them for Gold.


How can I enter Gold Room?
- Gold Room NPC is located at prontera 162 152

- You need 250,000z for every time you enter the gold room. Just loot a few stuffs outside that you can sell via NPC to get some zennies.


I am inside now, what is the Golden Bird's property/element/race?

- You can use @mi/monsterinfo command to see its info, Golden Bird's monsterID is 3000

- Basically use @mi 3000


Mine Guardian?

- Stay away from the Mine Guardian, it can kill you.

- Getting killed will make you lose all your points.

Note: Be careful and be alert at all times! This is a PK-on map, other players can kill you and you will lose your points when you die.


• When you gather enough points, you can exchange them, be sure that you are not overweight. There's a possibility that you will not get the golds you will exchange if you are overweight, it will drop on the floor and someone might loot it.

• You can also check your points from time to time if you forgot how many do you have, just visit the Gold Room NPC and check points.

• After collecting enough gold, you can store them and make a merchant-blacksmith to sell it in the NPC with OVERCHARGE. This will give you more zennies.
• Level 10 Overcharge of merchant-blacksmith can sell you 24% more of its original price. As for the gold, you can sell it from 100,000z > 124,000z. Isn't that great?



• Just farm enough zennies until you can buy your farming gears one buy one.

• It is up to you if you will buy or craft the gears you need, but these are the gears that you need.



  • Upper - Headprotector of Sound[1] (ItemID: 3013) Questable at Louyang 193 55 - [Vesper Card]
  • Mid - Binoculars[1] (ItemID: 2296) Dropped by Tao Gunka/Questable at Mall Headgear Quest - [Vesper Card]
  • Lower - Gargoyle Wings (ItemID: 3005) - Questable at Gonryun 35 21
  • Weapon - +10 Composite Bow (ItemID: 1705) Dropped by Kobold Archer - [2x Strouf - 2x Turtle General Card]
  • Armor - Fancy Suit (ItemID: 3258) [No Slot] From Level 200 Training Box
  • Garment - Wool Scarf (ItemID: 2528) Dropped by Banshee/Banshee Master - [Raydric Card]
  • Shoes - Tidal Shoes (ItemID: 2424) Dropped by Ragged Zombie - [Moonlight Flower Card]
  • Accessories - 2x Ring of Sabine (ItemID: 3298) Obtainable via Vote Points - [Zerom Card]

• Now you can use this set to farm golds better, you can also use this to kill MVPs in the MVP room to hunt a few materials for quests. They sell for a good price too.

• Either way, you can use this to farm gears for your next tier of farming. "The Sith"




• As you have enough resources, you can plan to step-up your farming a little bit.

• You can use the custom job SITH to farm better stuffs to get credits easier.

Time-Bounded : 3-5 Hours Per Day
Expected Income : Skeletal Armor Piece (40-50C per piece) | Mother's Nightmare (8-10C per piece) | Minimal Loots ( Expected at 5B )


What is a SITH?

- Sith is a custom job in DarkRO Rebirth, it goes along with its counterpart JEDI.

• According to the Wookieepedia
- also referred to as the Sith Order, was an ancient religious order of Force-wielders devoted to the dark side of the Force.

How to be a Sith?

- Make Level Novice with Job Lv10 (Job Ready Change)

- Go and look for Master Yoda @ gef_fild01 95 38



- He will ask you for item that you need bring to Interstellar Forger.

Items Needed:

  • Gem of Force 1x (ItemID: 3111) - Wootan Fighter (um_fild01, um_fild02, um_dun01)
  • Blue Crystal 1x  (ItemID: 3110) - Dark Poring (prt_fild01)
  • Saber Handle 1x (ItemID: 3112) - Pirate Skeleton (treasure01)

- Next, you need to enter the portal in comodo 333 222 by talking to it.

- Inside the map, there's an NPC named as "Interstellar Forger", talk to him until he forges you your own lightsaber (Blue Lightsaber) *be sure to have the necessary items*

- After getting your own lightsaber, go back to Master Yoda and he'll turn you into a PADAWAN.
- Level your Padawan up to Job Lv50, once reaching it. You can change class to SITH.


• When you get to Job Level 50, you can start your quest to be a sith. Go to yuno_fild02 197 317 and there will be a NPC "Deep Hole" click it and it will warp you to "Anakin Skywalker"

- He will ask you specific items that you need to submit later on.

Items Needed

  • Gem of Force 5x (ItemID: 3111) - Wootan Fighter (um_fild01, um_fild02, um_dun01)
  • Blue Crystal 25x  (ItemID: 3110) - Dark Poring (prt_fild01)
  • Bear Footskin 50x (ItemID: 948) - Bigfoot (pay_fild07)

- Go back to Anakin once you have all the items, surrender it to Anakin Skywalker and he will ask you the 5 keywords of the Sith's Philosopy.

The answer is: Passion|Strength|Power|Victory|Force


After that, you are now successfully a SITH!


Now I'm a SITH, how can I do the mid-tier farming?

- You need a lot of Bloody Branch, you can buy them at the DB Room NPC. I suggest using your blacksmith/whitesmith to buy them with DISCOUNT LV10


- You also need Bubble Gum / HE Bubble Gum for more chances of dropping cards or low chances loots.
- You need the proper gear first for farming, you can do the MVP Hunting to farm different types of materials that you can sell for good prices.


  • Upper: Hokage Hat[1] (ItemID: 3016) Questable at prontera 206 180 - [ Vanberk Card ]
  • Mid: Blank Eyes[1] (ItemID: 5102) Obtainble from Players (Formerly at Act Points Shop Rotation) - [ Vanberk Card ]
  • Lower: Demon Wings (ItemID: 3003) Questable at Gonryun 35 21
  • Weapon 1: +10 Yellow Lightsaber[4] Can be bought from mall Weapons Dealer - [ 3x Abysmal Knight Card, 1x The Paper Card ]
  • Weapon 2: +10 Red Light Saber[2] Can be bought from mall Weapons Dealer - [ 1x Doppelganger Card, 1x The Paper Card ]
  • Garment: +9/+10 Wool Scarf Dropped by Banshee/Banshee Master - [ Green Maiden Card ]
  • Shoes: +9/+10 Tidal Shoes Dropped by Ragged Zombie - [ Antique Firelock Card ]
  • Accessories: 2x Ring of Kanan Obtainable via Vote Points - [ Mantis Card ]


  • Str - Max 255
  • Dex - 150 Total Including Bonus (ie 120 Base + 30 Bonus = 150 Total)
  • Luk - Crit Rate 60+
  • Vit - Rest of stats goes here

Now I'm all set, how do I start farming?
- You can now farm via Bloody Branch MVP, most of the MVPs drops quest materials for Break The Seal Quest|Valkyrie Items Tier Up|Cyclops Eye Tier Up|Dragon Wings Tier Up

- When killing MVPs you should be already autolooting specific materials. You can do that by typing @alootid+ ItemID (ie. @alootid 4398) - Skeletal Armor Piece, so that you no longer need to pick up the items manually.
- You can have 25 items on your autolootitem list, as well you can use @autoloot 5 to autoloot items that drops 5% chance and below.


What are the important stuffs?

- Here is a list of what items that are important in Bloody Branch MVP Hunting.
- You may also refer their prices depending on the vend by typing @whosell <Item_Name> and @whobuy <Item_Name> commands in-game



@alootid +Fire Dragon Scale
@alootid +Mother's Nightmare
@alootid +Shining Spear Blade
@alootid +Young Twig
@alootid +7513 (Pocket Watch)
@alootid +Heroic Emblem
@alootid +Piece Of Shield
@alootid +Masque of Tutankhamen
@alootid +Will of Red Darkness
@alootid +Broken Crown
@alootid +Ba Gua
@alootid +Gemstone
@alootid +Ixion Wings
@alootid +Spectral Spear
@alootid +Immaterial Sword
@alootid +Cutlus
@alootid +Gungnir
@alootid +Gae Bolg
@alootid +valhalla's flower
@alootid +ice scale
@autoloottype +card
@autoloottype +healing
@alootid +skeletal armor piece
@alootid +7444 (Treasure Box)
@alootid +fragment of rossata stone
@alootid +tiger's footskin
@alootid +old hilt
@alootid +broken pharaoh emblem
@alootid +2256 (Magestic Goat)


Here is also a list of the MVP Counter Element List:


Edgga - Water
Garm/Hatii - Wind
Stormy Knight - Earth
Tao Gunka - Neutral
Amon Ra - Fire
Dracula - Holy
Golden Theif Bug - Water
Phreeoni - Neutral

Atroce - Holy
Lady Tanee - Earth
Mistress - Earth
Moonlight Flower - Water
Osiris - Fire/Holy
Drake - Holy
Pharaoh - Holy
Turtle General - Fire
Maya = Fire
Gopinch = Fire

Doppelganger = Holy
Egnigem Cenia Leader = Water
Kiel-D-01 - Holy
Orc Hero - Fire
Evil Snake Lord = Ghost
Incantation Samurai = Holy
Vesper = Dark
Gloom Under Night = Ghost
White Lady = Earth
Fallen Bishop = Holy

Baphomet = Holy
Dark Lord = Holy
Detardeurus = Holy
Ifrit - Just Force Choke/Drain
Lord of Death = holy
Orc Lord = Fire
RSX - Neutral
Valkyrie Randgris= Dark and Just force Choke/Drain
Beelzebub = Ghost

© @Neo-cP for this list


#MidTierFarming 2.0
- If you get tired of farming from MVP Blood Branch, we also have a different type of farming, but this one can occur once every 4 days only.

- We have the ENDLESS TOWER !


Time-Bounded : 2-3 Hours ( Instance Cooldown : Every 4 Days )
Expected Income : Kyber Crystals x24 (6-7B per set - 1SET:10PCS), Valhalla Flower (8C per piece) & Minimal Loots ( Expected at 5B )


What is Endless Tower?
- an increasingly difficult set of challenges. Participating parties make their way up the 100 floor tower, with a special boss encounter against Entweihen Knothen on the 100th floor, and Naght Sieger afterwards. These battles function similar to the Izlude Arena, with players being required to defeat all monsters on a particular floor before the door to the next can open. Once on a floor, players are unable to go backwards; thus the only ways to leave the tower are to die and respawn, use a Butterfly Wing, or walk into a Warp Portal.


How do I get in?

- warp alberta 213 73 to

- To get in, you need to do some preparations first. You'll be needing the following:

Party (with a member) Token of Siegfried (You will die multiple times if you plan to solo run)
- Can be bought at the following
* KoE Shop (30KoePts/Box) (prontera 160 267) 
* Vote Points Shop (100VP/Box) (prt_in 132 34)
* Activity Points Shop (150AP/Box) (prt_in 132 29) 20 Credits & 10,000z - Payment to Captain Jannsen (First Time Payment Only) 50 Credits - Payment for Generating the Endless Tower


- Every 5 floor is Boss Floor, the MVPs in this instance are buffed. Also, the MVPs here drop an exclusive item called "Kyber Crystal", it is pretty expensive for a beginner. It is commonly used to Tier Up Valkyrie Items & Other Stuffs.

- The best possible way to kill the MVP is to have a Force Duplicate and let it take the damage while you do Force Choke and Force Drain. This way you can kill the harder MVPs much faster.
- To clear the floors, the fastest way is by using Force Lightning.


• Here are the important things to loot in Endless Tower:



3906 kyber
7289 peridot
7297 biotite
703 hinalle
7296 pyroxene
7156 broken shuriken
7063 soft feather 
7214 bat cage 
7111 slick paper 
7290 phlogopite 
12085 immortal stew 
7443 3 headed dragon
2354 goibne armor 
2125 strong shield 
2419 goibne greaves 
7754 broken crown 
2615 safety ring 
7113 broken pharaoh emblem 
7510 valhalla flower
7444 treasure box
603 obb
7562 ice scale 
7451 fire dragon scale



• Now that you're making income daily, you can now start equipping yourself with good stuffs.

• Primarily you need only 1 important item to be able to join the WoE, which is Valkyrie Armor

- There are various ways to get Valkyrie Items

Break the Seal Quest
- This method requires you to do the BTS Quest.
- This also requires a lot of materials to craft the Valkyrie Items, upon creating all of the required items you will be granted with a free Named Sleipnir according to the IGN you used to finish the quest.

You may refer here on how to do the Break The Seal Quest

Upon creating them, you also are required to have specific castle drops.
- You may buy them if you have enough budget already just to claim your own named Sleipnir
- Another thing is if you wish to save your credits and you have a lot of time, you may perform the Token Hunting Quest
• This requires a lot of time and a lot of resources, but no worries, they are cheap.

Here is a reference on how to do the Token Hunting Quest
Time-Bounded : 7-10 Days to complete the Castle Drops for Break the Seal Quest
 (You can claim every 2 days if you spend 12-15  hours a day if you wish to make this as an income)
Expected Income : 2B per 200T(Castle Drop) 4B per 400T (Castle Drop)

 • Now that you have a Valkyrie Armor, you can now look for a guild and participate in a WoE (War of Emperium)
- Usually the guilds are looking for members with Valkyrie Armor & Discord Only
- From time to time you can upgrade your equips one by one as you are make money already.
- When you have extra, treat yourself some costumes.
- You can earn yourself some costumes from Points. You can buy via Vote Points, Activity Points, KoE Points, WoE Points & PvP Points shops.

• Here is the ideal BASIC WoE Set •




PS: Credits to the owners of these guides, I do not own them. 

• Zeny Farming Guide:

• Wing Quest Guide:

• Farming Supplies Guide:

• Mining Guide:

• Pizza Guy Weapon Quest Guide:

• NPC & Their Functions Guide:

• Monster Arena Guide:

*This is the fastest way to earn now, but it's kinda hard to sell them since many people are doing this*


________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ That's all for my guide, I hope I helped you! See you inside the world of Dark RO Rebirth!

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