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Raffle Entry Tickets (Agit Lords)

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  • Every stream of the official streamers on the said schedule of Agit lords S5 - War Of Emperium, a raffle entry ticket will be rewarded as one of the grand giveaway at the end of the stream for the lucky viewers starting on July 8, 2021 (Max of 5 winners per stream)


What are the Raffle Entry Tickets?

The raffle entry ticket will serve as a token to be listed in the future draw of the DarkRO Rebirth's Giveaway to the lucky viewers. It will list the RET winners to our grand giveaway as a token of appreciation to those who are supporting us.

Raffle Entry Ticket (RET)

  • Each stream will accumulate 5 winners, those winners will have the chance to be drawn in our grand giveaway that will be schedule in August 8, 2021
  • Raffles will be held thrice. One (1) RET Name per entry only is valid (No duplicate for first draw and second draw). All entries from the first draw giveaway and second draw giveaway shall be included in the grand final draw.


July 8, 2021 - July 15, 2021 - First batch Raffle Entry Ticket 
July 17, 2021 - July 24, 2021 - Second batch Raffle Entry Ticket 

First Batch Draw - July 27, 2021 (First top 4 guilds)

Second Batch Draw - July 29, 2021 (Second 4 guilds) with Group Draw of Guilds (Random picky by the Official DarkRO Rebirth Streamer during the live stream

Grand Raffle Draw - August 8, 2021 (First draw and second draw included)

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