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To express our appreciation for your continued support in DarkRO: Rebirth even throughout the difficult times, we are giving extra RoK Points & Freebies!

Your support means so much to us and the community. We would like to THANK everyone for the continued support!


PROMO DURATION: Until October 10 , 2021


Donation Promo:

+30% More on any amount of RoK Points

Note: For easiest conversion you can Google.com the 'RoK Points amount + 30%' and get the result.

For different payment method and PHP to USD conversion visit: https://dark-ro.com



Double Bonus Points Event:
We will be having a Double Points Events on following:


  • Gold Points Permanent X2 Points
  • X2 Arena Points earned on Monster Arena - 2 days
  • X2 KoE Points earned every KoE
  • X2 WoE Points earned on WoE
  • Lotti - To be Announced soon





Free item A: Food and Costume Ticket

  • For every 75USD 5pcs of each +20 food , 3pcs +15 all stats Food (1pcs Precious Food Package Box)  and 1 Job Ticket







Free Item B: Orb Box (NOT AUTO COSTUME)

  • For every 150USD they will get A Item and additional 1 Orb Box that gives random item and 5pcs Costume Ticket and 5pcs 2nd Class Coin Box (Random get Coin Class A and B)




Free Item C:  4th Job Ticket, Removal Stone, 3rd Job Ticket and Force Star Stone

  • For every 250USD they will get A, B and additional 1pcs 4th Job Ticket, 1pcs Removal Stone. 1pcs Aura Coupon, 5pcs of each +20 food , 3pcs +15 all stats Food (2pcs Precious Food Package Box),  20pcs Force Star Stone, 2pcs 2nd Class Coin Box (Random get Coin Class A and B) and 5pcs 1st Class Coin Box (Random get Seagod's Anger, Coin class A and B)



Link about Seagod's Anger and Coin :



Exclusive Bonus Donation Event

***Extend untill October 10, 2021**





Players who will donate a TOTAL OF 500USD within 60 Days will get:

  • 1pcs Garment Stones of your choice!
  • 1pcs Exclusive Garment  of your choice as per below
  1. Radiant Wings (Can put Garment Stone)
    • Matk +1% 
    • Reduces the after-cast delay of all skills by -3% 
  2. Celestial Wings (Can put Garment Stone)
    • Perfect dodge +1
    • Flee rate +10
  3. Hazy Wings (Can put Garment Stone)
    • Max HP +1% 
    • Heals 1% of the wearer's max HP per second
  4. Moonlit Wings (Can put Garment Stone)
    • Attack +1%
    • Hit rate +10
  5. Ornate Wings (Can put Garment Stone)
    • MDef +3 
    • Reduce all incoming Earth, Wind, and Shadow damage by 2%


Note 1:
To get the Exclusive Garment Wings Freebies, you need to donate a total of 500USD within 60 days. Once you claim the Bonus Freebies, your total donations will reset to 0. If you want to receive another Bonus Freebie, you need to donate another total of 500USD within 60 days


What if I donated a total of 1000USD within 60days?
If you donate 1000usd within 60days you will get 2pcs Bonus Freebies (Garment Stones and Exclusive Garment Wings). For every total of 500USD you donate within 60days you will get Bonus Freebies


Note 2:
You can donate any amount (100USD, 50USD, 20USD, etc) at different times as long as your donations add up to 500USD within 60 days.


Note 3:
If your total donations do not reach 500USD within 60 days, you will not receive the Bonus Freebies, regardless of your total donations


Note 4:

This event will start from August 2, 2021 until the end of September.


Question: What if I start donating in mid-August or in September can I still get the freebies?

If you donated in mid-August or in September, you can still get the freebies as long as your donations add up to 500USD within 60 days.

For example, you donated 100USD in August 15 2021, you still have 60 days to donate until October 14, 2021. But when September ends, and your first donation is on October 1 during this promo, you won't get any freebies. You need to wait again on another announcement for this promo.





@warp prontera 140 180



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